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serious problem


Original Poster
hi i had to change my acount name to dboy

im really lileonard and ive been registered scince june

last night i tried to switch my email adress on my lileonard account

later that night i deleted the new email address i created and now i cant get logged back in as lileonard

Can anyone please help me i dont want to be stuck with this name i want my old account back

someone please reply and tell me how to do it, if you know what im talking about


Give me the username you would like to keep, and the associated email address that you would like to use with it. :)


Original Poster
ok my username was lileonard and my email is cobb5216@msn.com

I mean my account has been on here scince june when i registered i would appreciate if you can give me all my posts back if that possible, im pretty sure its still activated, but its lost.

I just messed up on switching the email


you could get rid of this dboy account i created too

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