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Trip Report Sept 23-Oct 4 Disneymoon! Universal, f&W, cirque,dfb snack attack & more!

Well we are back from our PERFECT Disneymoon! Let me give you a quick intro to us, the newlyweds :)

I am Laura, the disney nut. This was my 5th trip to the world. I am 25 and work as a youth counsellor, working with children and youth in a group home.

Now the Mr... Well his name is marc, and this was his second trip to disney. I now have him hooked :) He works in construction, doing sheet metal work :)

Our first trip together was September 2012 (you can see our ptr in my signature).. This was marcs first trip, and he was hesitant and not sure what to expect, well he LOVED it. On our first full day Marc proposed, it was a perfect proposal and perfect trip... so it was a must we return for our Disneymoon! We debated it and ultimatly did not book the bounceback offer (free dining), then when we finally decided we were kicking ourselves because the rumor was that free dining would not be offered... luckily it finally was released in may and we booked to go following the wedding!

Our big day was September 21, 2013 at Hatfield Farm in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. it was everything we imagined and more, and even tied in a few hidden mickeys on our invites, cake and wine glasses!



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I just finished reading another disneymoon trip report. Looking forward to reading yours. Your dress is gorgeous and love the pics.


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Day 1- September 23, 2013.
The day began at 3:15am, we had a 6:55am flight on US airways, connecting in Philly. Generally uneventful, we even landed in Orlando about 15 minutes early. My only complaint about US airways is there is no entertainment on the flights. Off to DME, checked in and our bus was waiting! What great luck, and we were off to pofq! We arrived around 1:30 and checked in, and our room wasn't ready, the CM offered to search for another room, but said the one we were assigned was ground floor, building 5, corner room (just what I requested) so we decided to grab our mugs and some bengeits and wait.... And wait we did, at 3pm we were still being told by mousekeeping our room was not ready, we were getting anxious to just have a place to relax for a bit.

They were able to find us a room, building 5/corner/second floor or ground floor /corner in building 7..we took building 5, it's a prime location, very close to everything. We got cleaned up and by this time it was raining, no it was POURING! But off to DTD we went then connected to the AKL for our 5:05pm ADRs at BOMA!we ate here on our last trip and loved everything from the meats, salads to the zebra domes. Our server was great and surprised us with a truffle plate for celebrating our honeymoon!!

there was also a large amount of magic band accessories available! (even tho we didn't have magic bands :( )


We had a quick peek at the animals, but that didn't last long as it was still raining. We spent some time inside watching the drummers and they were teaching some kids to play....

We were now exhausted, from the wedding to the traveling we were ready for bed, especially since tomorrow we have breakfast reservations. We took the bus back to
DTD and purchased our wedding ears, then back to POFQ!


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Day 2 September 24, 2013

Magic Kingdom is the plan for today! We have 9:15am ADRS for Crystal Palace. We had tried for a time before park opening, and were expecting to have to wait until opening to go in.. so we left POFQ around 8:15, arrived by 8:40.. still to early so we did the monorail loop before heading into the park. We did not have any cast member ask us what time our reservation was or where, just simply waved us in through the breakfast entrance. We were able to get some photos infront of the castle and of an empty main st before checking in. We were seated quickly. The chef came out and discussed my allergy to coconut, the only thing i could not eat was the breakfast lasagna- but thats okay because i dont like bananas anyways! The food was excellent, we LOVED the puffed french toast. The characters were very slow, during our entire breakfast we only got to see/meet eeyore. Pooh was in our area when we were done but we figured we would rather hit the park and rides instead.

The jungle cruise was closed for refurb, but we were told it would be open oct 1! score we would still be here!
We hit up rides in adventure land, frontier land and then onto the new fantasy land! I LOVED the new little mermaid ride,it was well done in my opinion. We tried a liberty swirl slush (yummy) and I grabbed a dole whip float for the parade! We staked out our seat on main st and waited!


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While waiting a castmember grabbed Marc and I and pulled us up into main st. He had us do some fun poses and included a couple from Mass. Come up and join us. Lots of great shots, also he took my camera and tool some shots of the crowd, any familiar faces???


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It had been raining on and off so the ground was wet but we didn't let it stop us! Great parade, lots of the characters noticed us and said congrats or threw confetti. There was a bit of a delay towards the end and the last float was towed with the princesses and their princes walking!
We headed back to the resort after this, we had a much needed nap, it had been a busy few days! We grabbed dinner at the food court and then went to DTD. Boat was very slow, we had to wait as two passed full from riverside... We went to disney quest,it had been many years since I had been. We enjoyed the jungle cruise and pirates of the Caribbean , but otherwise there isn't much going on in there.... We picked up our cirque tickets for later in the trip (a gift from marcs mom) and then had drinks at the Lava Lounge at the rainforest cafe before taking the boat back and calling it a night!


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September 25
Epcot day!
We had plans to sleep in, but who can do that in disney, not us! We opted to have breakfast at Sunshine Seasons, we had a bounty platter and a strawberry shortcake. Everything was excellent! By the time we were done Sorin had a 40 minute wait and the fastpasses were for after lunch, we decided since it was EMH night we would just do it then. We grabbed fast passes for test track, then did mission space, orange! Then did memo and spent time watching the fish in the tanks. It was raining on and off again! I was hoping it was not going to rain every day, I'm not going to lie I was getting worried! Finally our test track time came, this was closed on our last trip and Marc was really looking forward to it. Well, it did not disappoint!



We ventured into world showcase in the direction of Mexico, we rode the ride in the Mexico pavilion, it is beautiful in there! We tossed around the idea of changing our dinner reservations from Tappen Edo to Mexico, we walked around world showcase and got half way around and decided we would grab a qs lunch in Mexico and keep our ADR the way it was.. We had beef tacos with churros, we shared one order and it was great! We had plans to come back for dinner at 7:45so we decided we would go back to the resort and relax until then.


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September 25
We arrived back a bit early, but we walked around the Japanese pavilion and checked in and were told they were behind schedule, we were called about 10 minutes late. We were seated with a couple and their son from Ottawa, who were on their first trip and a couple and their friend from Virginia who had been many times. We had great conversation, the couple with the son asked lots of questions about disney and port orleans, as they were at pop century. The other couple shared some of their favourite disney things, it was fun to sit with others! Our chef was great, and so was the food, in fact I never did get a photo of our meals cooked! Marc and I both had the steak with shrimp and the chocolate cake. We were hoping to hit up Sorin during illuminations..but dinner took a bit longer then I expected and illuminations was over before we were done eating, we still went to Sorin and waiting 40 minutes or so, it seemed like forever. We did mission space then it was 10:40.. we each got a maragrita in mexico, we had to get it from the qs location as the maragrita stand was closed... they were awful! neither of us drank half of them as the taste was just awful, what a let down, so we got the bus and back to the resort!



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September 26,2013
We had 9:15am ADRs at Tusker House, this was a favourite of ours from our last trip. We loved the food,service and character interaction. We arrived at 8:45am, they would not let us in until the park opened. While this was the most unorganized opening I have ever seen! There was a lot of pushing and shoving. An man with a large book bag stepped on my foot and was moving quickly that he struck me with his bag, I was not impressed. Then the new scanners were it working properly (we did not have magic bands), and our cards scanned fine but they would not let us enter until another person came over to verify...we finally get down to Tusker House, check in and walk down to the waiting area. We opted not to wait to have our photo taken with Donald as we were
starving! A few moments later our name was called, and the lady said they would seat us against the wall to accommodate our wheelchair, wait...neither of us are in a wheel chair. She had issues figuring this out , and attempted to find us a table. She finally discolsed that their computers crashed this morning and they were having issues. Finally seated at a table with 4 chairs, we waited for our served, who then made a comment that usually these tables are for groups of 3 or 4.. Not my issue you sat us here.... She poured our drinks and said she would bring the chef our for my allergy. We waits for the chef and for the server to scan our card since we have the dining plan it took 15 minute for the chef to come out, and our server never did so we went to the buffet and helped our selves. Food was excellent, service continued to be spotty, she interrupted in the middle of our meal for our card, drinks sat empty and then she took a while for our Billard of course the scanner would not initially work... Finally out of there we went right to Kilo safaris, standby line was out of the quene and into the park. We walked around and did dinosaur and its tough to be a big before going back. It POURED rain while we were on safari, but there was a ton of animals out and a mamma elephant was playing with her babies, it was adorable. Wen we got off the rain had slowed to a drizzle. I had a mission to see nemo and the lion king, which I had never done... Both were fantastic! The rain stopped and it turned int a beautiful hot day. We left in the mid afternoon, the bus ride was miserable. There was no air circulating a d child vomited chocolate ice cream everywhere..the smell was awful. The bus ride never seemed to end! We had a quick nap then got prepared for our dinner at flying fish, our first signature dining experience!


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We took the bus to DTD, then hopped on a bus to the boardwalk. Thus stopped at the Swan and Dolphin and we were early so we decided to get off and walk. The boardwalk is a beautiful resort! We checked in 15 minutes early and were seats right away. We were treated to complimentary champagne, then each had a adult beverage. I chose the snapper with the steak and Marc had the Thunder Fish. Both meals were fantastic! I had the boardwalk trio, the cheesecake was great, the Popsicle was very sour (loved it) and the "hotdog" was also very good. Marc had a chocolate caramel cake, he loved it! The service was top notch, food was very good and the atmosphere was beautiful! There appeared to be a bit of issue where there was a ton of security in the restaurant at one point talking to management and a server (maybe a dine and dash?) we watched a performer ,sat on a bench and enjoyed the view and slowly worked our way out. We walked back to the swan and dolphin, and boy are we glad we did. The bus did a loop around the boardwalk end yacht club and it was packed, it was also a very long bus ride going to all those stops. Is the busses there always that bad? I expected better bus service for a deluxe.



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September 27
Hollywood studios day! Breakfast at the resort, then the mad dash for TSM.
Grabbed FP and did stand by. Did you know mr. Potato head's arm comes off, yup a cm came right up and pulled it out just like the toy. Then we did rock n roller coaster . Marc had been bugging me to to TT, I have done it was when I was younger, but I'm not terrified to do it! Marc did it alone while I waited, well the ride broke down well he was waiting so that 15 minutes turned into 45.. We were starting to get hungry and lunch wasnt until 1:25pm, so we grabbed a cinnamon bun and a red velvet cup cake, WOW, just WOW both tasted great. The famous red velvet cupcake lived up to everything I had read, it was moist and sweet. Glad we shared these treats tho!
I went and purchased a sweat shirt that i spoted a few days earlier and decided to have it shipped back to the hotel, what miserable cast members, come on smile! Then TSM, star tours and the muppets before lunch.
I had been to the 50's prime time many years ago and enjoyed it, this was marcs pick for the trip. We started with the fried cheese, then I had the pot roast and Marc had the chicken pot pie. Fried cheese: creamy melted cheesy goodness, wow! Pot roast, tender and full of flavor. Chicken pot pie, Marc said the taste was just okay, but it was an odd texture without the crust on top. I had the s'mores, the marshmallow were toasted perfectly and Marc had the Boston crime parfait, while I enjoyed my s'mores I loved his dessert more and wish I had that! We also had milkshakes included in the dining plan, yum! Our server was good, very friendly and attentive, but did not stick to the theme..


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We left and watched Indiana jones, star tours again (my fav) and the great movie ride. We wanted to see the LMA stunts how but it wasnt until 4:55 and we really did not want to stick around any longer...maybe next time! We thought about going back for Fantasmic! But we were not feeling it, so we decided to goto DTD, and walk around and picked up a s'more square and cake pop. We ate it back at pofq then had a early night!


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Sept 28
We thought we would venture over to riverside for breakfast for something different today. Well it was insane, it was around 8:30 which is a peak dining time, but wow you could not move in the ordering area. I grabbed an iced coffee (new and very good), we filled our mugs with lemonaide (which they don't have at pofq, they only have nasty pomegranate kind), then went and ordered breakfast at pofq before heading to typhoon lagoon! We had a BLAST! probably one or the best days we had on the trip. The wave pool, slides and food all were great! We purchased the refillable mug and it was a great investment. For lunch we had a turkey pesto sandwich, very light and not greasy, and it was large enough to share. Marc did scrape up his knuckles in the wave pool and was to stubborn to goto first aid, men! It started to rain use as we were leaving..it was much wetter this September then last!


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Dinner tonight was at Boatwrights, this was one I place I was really looking forward to, as I had heard it was "a hidden gem"...our server was very friendly and attentive. Our crawfish bites came out quickly, and were good..very salty but good. Then we waited...and waited...and waited for our meals. Marc had steak and I had the jambalaya. Mine was just okay, but Marc said his was awful. His steak was fatty and the sauce was awful. The people sitting next to us also said the same about their steaks. Now we were seated at 6:35, by the time our dinner came out and we finished it was 7:50. We had to get our dessert to go as we had a reservation for our carriage ride at 8pm. We will not return to boatwrights,what a disappointment. The carriage ride with our horse "captain" was great and romantic I would highly recommend it. We witnessed a castmember chasing a little girl , who was alone, and was radioing for assistance. The little girl was running from him, and didn't speak English. I really hope they found her and got her back to her family since it was dark and she was running by a wooded area.. We stopped at a bench on our way back to pofq and ate our dessert by the river. This resort it so romantic. We went and filled our mugs, and I seem a black snake right by the gift shop (yuck ) then layed on the lawn and watched the end of Peter Pan. My only complaint about our room location is that the moves are very loud and can be heard in the room...



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Up next universal and ioa! The first time we have done a non-disney park :) also, soon to come cirque du soleil and the disney food blog snack attack firework party!


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Hi Laura! found your report!!!! :)

First off, Congrats again on your wedding! You got married exactly 4 months after My husband and I :) Might have mentioned that on instagram already lol. Sorry if I did.

I'm surprised you guys didn't get a King sized bed, Mike and I had one at both the Boardwalk and at AoA on our wedding/honeymoon trip and it was great! Had SO much room!

I love the boat rides from PO to DtD...stinks that they were all full from Riverside...never had that happen to me before at POFQ you would think the fill up about halfway and then take the other half from POFQ.

Boy that Tusker House breakfast, seemed like it wasn't fun at all! Seemed like Animal Kingdom was having a ton of problems that day! But I'm glad you had a nice dinner at the Flying Fish :) And yes....the busses at the EPCOT resorts are just like you experienced. They share busses with a few of the other resorts and it takes a long time to get there. It was easier to get off at the Dolphin and walk to the Boardwalk. But the good thing about there is you only need to take a bus to the MK, AK, or DtD.

On your next trip you should go to Riverside, to the River Roost Lounge Thurs-Sun night and see Yeehaa Bob!!! He puts on the best show!! My favorite thing about Riverside! And will have to check out those carriage rides, they look like a lot of fun! About how long did it last???

And that jambalya that you had...I made some a few weeks ago, I can make some and send it to you to make up for the one you had at Boatwrights! :) lol. Post anymore? :)

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