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Sep 2018 Rough Itinerary/Plan - Thoughts/Suggestions welcome!



In September 2018 myself, my wife, our two children (ages 2 and 4) and my parents will be heading to Disney. This will be the first time for my wife and kids, and the first time in a VERY long time for myself and parents.

My wife and I did visit Orlando in April for our 5th anniversary, however we went to Epcot and Universal Studios.

I feel like I'm in some sort of weird Disney bubble getting this stuff planned out and booked. I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions mainly on the rough itinerary I have in place. It probably won't be followed to a 't' but I like having some sort of idea of what the days will hold and it will also help me figure out which dining experiences to plan for.

I have currently booked two rooms at each of the following resorts:
Art of Animation
9/13 - 9/15 (Little Mermaid room)
I booked here for a couple nights mainly because of the theme. I think the kids will love it!



Port Orleans French Quarter
9/15 - 9/20 (Garden View)

I booked here based on a lot of feedback of it being an extremely nice and quiet resort, having one bus to MK, having a boat that goes to Disney Springs, and also more relaxing for the adults perhaps.



Rough Disney Itinerary
9/13/18 - Thursday:

  • Arrive in Orlando early afternoon (11:30am with time change)
  • Take ME to Disney property and check-in
  • Explore the area, pool time
  • Not exactly sure what we are planning for food. I was thinking 'Earl of Sandwich' or 'Blaze Pizza' at Disney Springs, also was thinking of hitting up a resort. Geyser Point at Wilderness lodge seems like a good place with nice views.
9/14/18 - Friday:
  • Animal Kingdom
    • Hopefully trying to get FP+ reservations for 'Flight of Passage', 'Navi River Jouirney' and 'Safari'
  • Not ADR's on this day
  • Return to resort in the afternoon for naps, pool time, etc...
  • Go back to Animal Kingdom at night
9/15 - Saturday:
  • Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno at 10:15

  • Go to Epcot
  • Return to resort in the afternoon for naps, pool time, etc...
  • Back to Epcot for Iluminations
9/16 - Sunday:
  • Free day, Pool, Disney Springs or driving to the beach
9/17 - 9/19 - Monday through Wednesday
Various things to do during these three days
  • Magic Kingdom
  • 9/16 Be Our Guest lunch ADR

  • Return to resort in afternoon for naps, pool time, etc...
  • Magic Kingdom fireworks evening (start/end with this)
  • Character break
  • Disney Springs in evening
  • Hollywood Studios (half day)?
9/20 - Thursday
  • Return home :(
I'd appreciate any suggestions when it comes to planning for meals (especially those that need reservations). Places you loved and worth a visit. I have a bit more research to do on this as well as character meals.

I don't believe we will be purchasing the Disney dining plan as I don't think it's a good fit for our family. Besides the ADR breakfast we will eat breakfast in the room as I do plan on having groceries delivered.

Thank you!
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Last time I was in Disney I had two 8-year-olds and two 12-year-olds. My experience is the younger set are more enthralled with the Magic Kingdom than Animal Kingdom while the older kids it was the reverse.

As far as Character Meal recommendations go our best experiences were Cinderella's Royal Table in the Castle and Mickey's Backyard BBQ. We did the Royal Table early so we were able to be first in line for the ride we were most interested in at the MK thus saving a FP for something else. We did Mickey's Backyard BBQ on our last night and stayed for the free Disney movie view after. It made a very nice last evening at Disney for everyone. If memory serves this character meal wasn't offered every night so we were lucky. I haven't checked yet how often it is offered now.
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9/14/18 - Friday:
  • Animal Kingdom
    • Hopefully trying to get FP+ reservations for 'Flight of Passage', 'Navi River Jouirney' and 'Safari'
You likely know this already, but unless the AK FP+ rules change before your visit, you will not be able to book a FP+ on Flight of Passage and a FP+ for Na'vi River Journey for the same person ahead of time (you will need to pick one or the other). You could split your party up and some adults go on Na'Vi River Journey with the kids and other adults do Flight of Passage.
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On our final full day at Disney, 7/19 I booked an ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern at 6:00pm with the thought that after dinner we could then see the Happily Ever After fireworks which start at 8:00pm. Do you think this is plenty of time to eat and see the fireworks? From Liberty Tree where would be the best spot to see the Fireworks? I'd prefer a place without a ton of people, but understand if that's not possible.

Also, guests staying at a Disney resort without the Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween ticket have to leave Disney World right on nights when that is happening?

Thank you!
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