Scentsy and Walt Disney World are bringing a new guest experience within Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom


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"After almost three years of an incredible licensed product arrangement with The Walt Disney Studios, Scentsy is thrilled to enter into a multi-year relationship with Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida!

This relationship means that Scentsy will be designated as the Official Home Fragrance of Walt Disney World® Resort. And, we’re excited to share that Scentsy and Walt Disney World® Resort will be working together to bring a new guest experience to life within the Fantasyland area at Magic Kingdom® Park, creating rich storytelling opportunities through fragrance.

As you can imagine, there is a ton of work to do — and we’re not quite ready to unveil all the details just yet. Stay tuned!"




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What it means is… the candle/scent spray fragrance creator (Scentsy) is working with Disney to create new smells within Fantasyland..
basically, there’ll be new scents within the area & Disney’s working with Scentsy to produce them.

And then of course market and sell those scents for home use.

I'm actually in favor of more distinct and pleasant smells in the parks. Maybe they can find a way to work in the orange and pine smells from Soarin' somewhere.


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I have no idea what this means. Anyone able to explain it like I'm 5?

Scentsy is a notorious MLM (Multi Level Marketing, think Amway) company which partnered with Disney in 2018 to make themed wax warmers sold at a huge mark up through their distributors. As nice as some of those warmers look, the insane prices and awful practices of Scentsy make me refuse to buy a single one. Also, a few Scentsy wax warmers were recalled due to catching fire...


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Have a relative who sells Scentsy absoultely love their warmers! Never had an issue with any of their products or services. I'm curious to see what Disney has planned I hope it's park scents we can purchase

Edit: They are not candle company they sell mainly wax warmers and other products like room sprays, cleaners, body washes, etc

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