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There are now EVEN MORE reports that ALL the Country Bear shows would change to put in a Movie Tie-in if the film is a new success....let's hope it is not succesful, then!

Why should there NOT be a movie tie in?

1) The whole tie-in thing, especially for Tiki Room, ruins the original shows

2) Movies should belong in, say, Disney-MGM Studios - So why not have a stage show, protecting our original?

3) OUR Country Bear Jamboree brings in full capacity guests, unlike the Country Bear Playhouse did or other attractions that had movie tie-ins incorporated

4) There are 40 animatronics from the Country Bear Playhouse that could be used...and there are only 8 bears in the film!

5) Lack of Classics. With Tiki and CoP taken away, Country Bear Jamboree is one of the only originals left. Taking it away will surely ruin the Frontierland atmosphere.

Our first step to try to stop Disney is the petition: Sign the petition at:

PLEASE SIGN...Anyone who not only likes the Bears, but also Walt himself!

NEXT...WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! I sure will. But at the right time. Not when it is announced, but not too early. Then they will confirm or deny it...

Many Thanks - and sharpen them claws!


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Email petitions wont do a thing............

But I dont think CBJ will be changed to tie in with the movie. It just doesn't seem like a solid idea. But then again Journey into you imagination..............

This must be causing some sleepless nights for you huh girzz?:lol:

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Please sign it

It will show them that we REALLY care. No, it won't necessarily save it, but we will show them that we do care.

LostBoy said that several high officials told him PERSONALLY about it..which is not very good..:(


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I think a Movie tie in, if any...would most likley be temporary. Especially since, lets face it, the movie is going to bomb.

IF they were planning on doing it, it would have already been decided and finalized...its sadly the way things work...


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I keep saying that the tie-in should be temporary...

Or at least do a small tie-in, like Henry and Teddi sing a soft, classy verison of 'Straight To The Heart of Love"(Hey, it would fit them, wouldn't it?? Like they're going to do that...)


Well-Known Member I said....try to visualize it...

The movie comes fails..

3 years later..they still have the movie tie in with the show? Very doubtfull...not only would it be embarassing, but it would REALLY hurt more than it would help...

At least I dont think they will touch the WDW version....

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I don't think there should be a tie in at all, Zeke. If there is, they'd have to remodel some of the bears and then it can't be temporary...:(

And everyone - keep signing the petition! We have 62 names since this morning! :sohappy:

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Disney seems to know better than damaging their theme park properties to promote unsuccessful movies. Remember the pictures of the Atlantis modified monorail that got leaked to ScreamScape? As soon as it became clear that Atlantis was not going to be the runaway success they had hoped the idea was scrapped... let's hope the same thing happens with the Country Bears. :)


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I don't think the movie tie-in would work in this instance - in fact, I can't really think of too many times when they have worked. Let's hope they don't try to make Peter Pan into "Return to Neverland" - even though it looks like Hook, the Lost Boys and Pan stay the same.

Anyway, I did sign the petition Grizz, and I believe I was the 87th signature.

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I signed. Hopefully it will work. When i go to the Disney Share holder meeting on the 19th of this month maybe I'll give Eisner a piece of my mind. If I can get within 500 ft. of him.

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Alright, I'll sign it. I'm sick of Disney slipping in a pointless movie tie in to already popular attractions and anywhere else they can. Most of the time it just ruins the attraction *cough Countdown to Extinction - Dinosar*cough cough.

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