Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory refurbishment starting July 11 to sometime in the fall


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Photo update as of Sunday, Nov. 20. The Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory refurbishment is almost completed. It appears the only item left to do is build a free-standing refrigerator case in the center of the food service area. Temporarily, there are several industrial restaurant refrigerator cases occupying the area now.

LED screens welcome you to the remodeled dining area, with LED screens over each food station.


Gone are the "creepy heads" in the dining room. The result is a more simple, casual look with Mardi Gras decorations on shelves along the walls. Lightweight metal chairs and stools accompany wood topped tables. Framed antique Mardi Gras drawings of faces and floats adorn the walls. The beverage area has the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers along with separate coffee machines.




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Very disappointing to see the floats and masks were removed. My family always takes tours of the floats warehouses when we're in New Orleans, and we loved how the Sassagoula dining area reminded us of being back there. The decor also just added a lot of color, visual interest, and frankly just "theme" to the space that's going to be missed. It just looks like an empty warehouse now.

I wonder if whoever makes these decisions at WDI today knows why those thematic choices were made in the first place.
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