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San Angel Inn


Were thinking about eating here on our trip,

How is the atmoshere here, I always see it when im going on the ride but never tried it out.

I would appreciate and tips about this place.



It's been awhile since I've been to WDW world but I've eaten at the San Angel several times. The atomosphere is really unique, reminds me of the BLue Bayou in DL. It's just fun being inside with the volcano.

The food is good, yes it is expensive but it's nice to sit down inside and relax. We took my inlaws and we all like Mexican food a lot and everybody was happy with their meal.

You ought to experience it at least once!
Have Fun!
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To give a dissenting opinion.

My wife and I ate there in '00. The atmosphere is great I'll give you that but the food and the cost didn't mesh. The portions were small and not outstanding in flavor. To make matters worse there was some herb or spice that gave my wife problems for the rest of the afternoon. Needless to say we won't go back for quite some time.

I know that there are a number of people that swear by this restaurant but not us. For the same amount, we would rather go over to Teppanyaki and get huge, great tasting portions for lunch.
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The food's great. It's a little cramped and dark, though.

I actually prefer the food at the Mexican counter service place right outside. It's a lot cheaper too.
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In my opinion, the atmosphere is nice and the fod is good, just as the Maya Grill at Coronado Resort (same owners). They are considered among the pricey restaurants, but the food is really nice. It´s "haute mexican cuisine", not what you would find outside in the Cantina which is some kind of tex-mex for me, and I personally dislike.

I would suggest making a reservation in advance because it is one of the busiest restaurants in WSC.
:slurp: :)
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2 Words...

Mole Poblano!!!

This is the place to get it. There were 2 memorable meals on my last trip, the Mole Poblano at San Angel Inn and the Portobello Mushroom Pizza and Butternut Squash Soup at Wolfgang Pucks.

The atmosphere at San Angel Inn was dark, but nice. Also, if you can, request a table by the back of the restaurant near the water and volcano, it was a fantastic view that added to the experience.
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We would never miss a meal at San Angelo's on our Disney trips. The food and atmosphere is wonderful...not to mention the margaritas! The ride is a little cheezy, but do it once.
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The atmosphere is awesome, very beautiful. But I must disagree, the food is average, the service isn't great, and it's way too expensive for what you get. The best full service restaurants in World Showcase are Tepinyaka in Japan and Chefs de France(THE best)
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The food is good, but the atmosphere is great. If you can (are lucky enough) get a table right on the river (El Rio del Tiempo). I can tell you...its very romantic if your with that special someone! (at least it worked for me!) :D
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