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runDisney Star Wars Events


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This morning, I kicked off the Rival Run portion of my Kessel Run Challenge. I completed the Star Wars Rival Run 5K. I definitely ran it harder then I thought I would, I need to keep an eye on that as I start the challenge. I anticipate that the 10K, and Half will be slower times just so I can pace myself between days so I can complete the full challenge.

Anyways, I PR’ed, this comes with a small asterisk though. Technically, I ran the Princess 5K slightly faster but that was on the treadmill. Today marked my fastest on foot 5K. Here are the race stats:

Time: 35:14
Distance: 3.12
Avg Pace: 11:18

Anyways, tommorow starts the Rival Run challenge proper with the Star Wars Rival Run 10K!


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I just realized:

Next weekend is Star Wars Run Weekend. I never signed up to run.

But Ill be at the Dolphin running every morning!! Anyone else????
I wish! I had something come up and just cancelled my reservations a week or so ago for SW weekend. Going to try to make it down sometime in the next month or so though, I haven’t been on property since Princess Weekend 2020


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This morning, I kicked off the proper Rival Run challenge with the Star Wars Rival Run 10K. It was unfortunately not the best outside so I took my run inside on the treadmill. Like I said yesterday, my treadmill runs calculate differently in terms of PR. If we are using treadmill runs though I did in fact set a new PR on this race as well. This beat my previous PR that happened during the Princess 10K which was also run on the treadmill.

Here are the race stats:

Time: 01:11:30
Distance: 6.22
Avg Pace: 11:29

Princess 10K was run in 01:13:36 (also on treadmill).

Tomorrow, marks the main event and the final part of the Kessel Run the Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon! I am planning to run it outdoors but who really knows. Whatever the case I will run it tomorrow.

Quick Side Note: Kessel Run challengers your finisher certificates for the Rival Run will be Kessel Run themed and not Rival Run themed.

Also, every time I check all results to see where I stack up none of my attempts are logged there which is strange. I definitely submitted everything and it should be good to go maybe it omits your attempts on purpose? This is in reference to the all results screen.


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Kinda fitting they just posted their video wishing everyone good luck as I prepare to finish out my Kessel Run.

Worth noting, he specifically says again this is the final chapter in the “Rival Run Saga” that tells me it won’t be Star Wars themed when it comes back. I know that is obvious and has been for a while but I think the way it’s said further solidified it for me. I hope I am wrong, but probably not.

Anyways, preparing to run the Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon soon.

EDIT: I guess, you could also take it to mean that the Rival Run itself is over but the Star Wars theming will remain...I don’t think so though. Again, I hope I am wrong.
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I DID IT! Today, I completed the last event in the Rival Run part of my Kessel Run Challenge! Combined with the Star Wars Virtual I did I have officially finished the Star Wars Kessel Run Challenge! The first order tried to tempt me multiple times in the run weather shifted from drizzle to rain and back to drizzle but I managed to finish in a decent time!

Time: 02:43:47
Distance: 13.12
Avg Pace: 12:29

I guess since this is the last Rival Run, I should say what side I ran for throughout the challenge. If the top wasn’t obvious I ran for the Resistance!

I wish everyone the best of luck on their challenges or individual races during the actual race weekend. May the force be with you, always.


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Today, marks the expo day of the Rival Run weekend, may the force be with all the runners completing their individual races and starting on Saturday, challenges.


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I’m very disappointed 😢 the package that I thought was from run Disney, is an item I never even ordered. It’s a Sony Bluetooth underwater speaker that isn’t even mine. I don’t own a pool. I have no idea how it even ended up at my house. 😢
I kinda figured it wasn’t going to be the medals since CCG wasn’t involved and it seemed early.

That doesn’t mean CCG will definitely be the vendor, but the past couple of race weekends have been consistent.


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Today marks the start of Rival Run proper as well as the Rival Run 10K. May the force be with those running the Rival Run 10K, as well as those taking on a challenge such as the Rival Run or Kessel Run.

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