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Rope drop


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OP, lots of characters are out at rope drop. Which park are you asking about?
I was just curious if the princesses or Mickey and Minnie start meet and greets for early entry guests. I have kids who are super excited about characters and wanted to get a jump on them before regular park guests


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Not sure. I'm not looking to waste time with a character at rope drop when we are trying to get onto the busiest rides before the crowds show up.

...I'm joking. I was just having some FOMO with the pile-on you're getting. :p


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There are no M&Gs listed for early entry days on the WDW website or in anything else I've seen. I suppose you could use the time to be first in line for when they do open, but I'm not sure that would be the best use of your time. You could use early entry for one or two attractions and then line up for a M&G, which will probably have a very short wait time that early in the day.

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