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Rock n Rollercoaster overlay

Gitson Shiggles

There was me, that is Mickey, and my three droogs
Original Poster
This is an idea for an overlay of RnR, including seasonal.

Almost all Aerosmith signage and memorabilia will be removed. The name of the attraction will be Rock n Rollercoaster: Backstage Pass.
The queue will mostly remain the same.

The preshow will be without a band. Only a manager will be present to pick up those fans they forgot with backstage passes.

Plussing of props during the ride would be nice, but not necessary. Seasonal overlays will be as simple as throwing a different song in the mix. November-January, there will be a seasonal overlay to the physical sets, i.e., traditional lights, garland, bows, fake snow. Preshow will mention freak snowstorm.

(More to come)

Pi on my Cake

Well-Known Member
I'm liking the ideas! Going either bandless or with a fictional band is gonna probably have to happen eventually and this seems like a smart way to do it. The holiday overlays sound especially fun!

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