Rio Disney Resort: Disney's first South American Resort

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Welcome to Fantasyland, where classic tales come alive right in front of your eyes.
  1. Under the Sea: Voyage of the Little Mermaid: Dark ride under the sea with the story of The Little Mermaid.​
  2. Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster: Ride a flying fish over a tide pool in this tame steel coaster.​
  3. Jumpin' Jellyfish: Sit in the tentacles of a jelly fish on this fun drop ride.​
  4. Blowfish Balloon Race: Join the blowfish as they race around all day!​
  5. Scuttle's Scooters: Take a spinning ride around Scuttle.​
  6. Ariel's Greeting Grotto: Meet-and-Greet with characters from The Little Mermaid.​
  7. Snow White's Scary Adventures: Go on a scary journey with Snow White!​
  8. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Heigh-Ho! Into the mine you go!​
  9. Peter Pan: Flight over Neverland: Take a flight with Peter Pan on the way to Neverland.​
  10. Pixie Hollow: A next-generation character meeting space.​
  11. Fantasia Carousel: Spin on a variety of animals to Fantasia.​
  12. Storytelling Gardens: A basic boat ride through the beautiful gardens of Disney films.​
  13. Mad Tea Party: Spin in one of Alice's swirling teacups.​
  14. Alice in Wonderland: Explore the tale of the Mad Tea Party!​
  15. Enchanted Tales of Beauty and the Beast: Amazing trackless dark ride, featuring amazing aspects from BatB.​
  16. Beauty and the Beast Sing A Long Spectacular: Sing along with the amazing songs from BatB.​
  17. Enchanted Tales with Belle: Sit in for an amazing story with Belle from Beauty and the Beast.​
  1. Sebastian's Bistro: Table-service restaurant, serving seafood and other similar cuisine. (Requires 1 DDP Credit.)
  2. Enchanted Princess Palace: Signature table-service dining, inside of Enchanted Magical Castle. (Requires 2 DDP Credits.)
  3. Fantasia Faire: Quick-service dining, with basic, Fantasy-inspired cuisine. (Requires 1 DDP Credit.)
  4. Gaston's Tavern: Quick-Service French Inspired dining, and a delicious brew. (Requires 1 DDP Credit.)
  5. Be our Guest: Signature table-service dining, in the beast's castle! (Requires 2 DDP Credits.)
  6. Cheshire Cafe: Quick-service snacks, treats, etc. (Requires 1 DDP Credit)
  1. Mermaid Treasures
  2. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
  3. Sir Mickey's Emporium
  4. Bonjour Gifts
  5. Little Town Traders

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Dumbo's Toontown Circus
The concept of Dumbo's Circus Land has received a whole new story. Dumbo has created a city- known as Toontown. Toontown is where Dumbo's Circus takes place. Additionally, Mickey and Friends live in Toontown. There's even a couple of fun shows.
  1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant: Take flight on Dumbo's back and fly over the city.​
  2. Casey Jr's Circus Train: Choo Choo! Take a quick ride on Dumbo's best friend.​
  3. Toontown Hurricane: Disney's first Hybrid Coaster, manufactured by RMC, themed to a Toontown storm.​
  4. The Para Tower: Take a skydiving trip that goes terribly wrong in Toontown!​
  5. Cirque Disney: A massive Disney animatronic stunt show, unlike anything ever seen before.​
  6. The Greatest Show: Board a clown car and learn the story of PT Barnum in this fun dark ride.​
  7. Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway: Take a zippy, zany, out-of-control adventure on a trip to the perfect picnic.​
  8. Chip and Dale's Toontown Spin: Take a fun ride with Chip and Dale on a road trip to Toontown!​
  9. Mickey Mouse Club House: Meet Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto.​
  10. Toontown Style Studio: Meet Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck in this beautiful bow-tique.​
  11. Donald's Ship: Meet Donald Duck in this ship.​
  12. Chip and Dale's Tree-house: Meet Chip and Dale at the same time in their tiny tree-house.​
  13. The Moo Mart: Meet Clarabelle in her market.​

  1. Dinghy Yogurt: Frozen yogurt, served in a cartoon cafe (Requires 1 Snack Credit.)
  2. Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Good Time Cafe: Quick service American Cuisine (Requires 1 DDP Credit.)
  3. Mickey's Trail: Mickey has a variety of Candies for sale.(Requires 1 Snack Credit.)
  4. Pop-a-Lot Popcorn: A Variety of Popcorn flavors available. (Requires 1 Snack Credit.)
  1. Gag Factory
  2. Toontown Mercantile
  3. Big Circus Gifts

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Fantasy Springs

Fantasy Springs is an expansion of the Rio Disneyland Park, scheduled to open 2 years after the park opens. It features a variety of immersive experiences from a variety of Fantasy-inspired Springs. It combines all sorts of different environments into one Port-side space, including the Icy Mountains of Frozen, the Magical land of Onward, and so many more. It also features a luxury hotel, Disney's Grand Fantasyland Hotel.
  1. Onward, a Guinevere Adventure: Board Guinevere and prepare for an amazing ride, in which you can swing potions at all sorts of objects to complete your adventure, similar to WEB Slingers: A SpiderMan Adventure.​
  2. The Enchanted Snow Queen: A dark ride, inspired by the movie Frozen, similar to the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland cancelled attraction.​
  3. Into the Unknown, Frozen 2 Adventure: A boat ride, in which you go Into the Unknown while trying to search for the secret.​
  4. Sven's Sliding Sleighs: Board a sleigh with Sven to go on a wild adventure, including a wild around-and-around adventure.​
  5. Dragon Challenge: Nearly become charred following an extreme ride, attempting to break into the Dragon's crypt.​
  6. Fantasia Gardens: Relaxing boat ride through gardens of Fantasia.​
  7. Quest for the Unicorn: Can you find your way to the Unicorn in this fun maze?​
  8. Rapunzel's Best Day Ever: Gondola ride through Rapunzel's wonderful life story.​

  1. Manticore's Tavern: Table service restaurant, serving the latest majestic food and beverage. (Requires 1 DDP Table Service Credit.)​
  2. Manticore's Hideaway: Hideaway-style quick service eatery, meant for families. (Requires 1 DDP Quick Service credit.)​
  3. Summerhaus Cafe: Frozen-inspired, quick-service coffee shop. (Requires 1 DDP Quick Service Credit.)​
  4. Frozen Fractal Foods: Frozen treats and ice cream. (Requires 1 DDP Snack Credit.)​
  1. Springside Market: Gifts from Fantasy Springs and beyond.


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