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The best time to ride as many attractions you can depends on your organization and assessment of rides. First think about the loading speed. Is it slow like Dumbo, where you get on, start up, ride, get off, and someone takes your place. Or like Haunted Mansion where the Doom Buggies just keepon going. This is where understanding loading speed and FP will get you the upper hand. For instance at WDW (it doesn't matter what park you go to) on Dumbo ride it early, there aren't any FP for it. So you have to wait the full line to ride, any other part of the day. SP Mtn has a FP system, and a moderate loading speed. So hit that with a FP, first, or last thing of the day. Just allways take into account your organization of the park. And HAppy HUnting.:veryconfu :sohappy: :sohappy:


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Very good point....
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