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REVIEW - Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs


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so the Sushi bar has a bigger sushi menu right? I know they had a blue fin tuna for the opening, I wonder if that's on the regular menu in the sushi bar.

Having said that, I LOVE dim sum and its very difficult to find decent dim sum around here, so that will be good to try


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This place and food looks absolutely amazing. I would love to dine here solo but this looks like date night more than any other place at WDW. I will wait until my ex boyfriend come to visit .


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We have a reservation at the end of the month & are looking forward to it. We ate at Morimoto Waikiki last year & had an honestly really underwhelming experience. (They were out of the 1st 3 things we tried to order, Some food meh, a couple of things outstanding & all over lack luster service. We were there at 7pm on a Wednesday, so not so late you'd think they would be out of stuff. Double disappointing as it was our 20th wedding anniversary dinner.). Anyway, I'm hoping to be happy with the Disney Springs outlet. The duck looks awesome!


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Looks really great, unfortunately the dim sum is really priced very high. Having said thst, I'll try just about anything else, just not the dim sum.

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