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News Reusable shopping bags now available at all Walt Disney World owned and operated merchandise locations


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I can't understand the "toss" it? Who tosses "reusable" bags. Lol the object is to reuse them. People here buy them
Lets face it. All anyone has to do is go to any local Festival and they can get tons of free reusable bags. I hate to admit it, but I just disposed a lot of them from NJ lottery, Radio stations, Gieco, ..... etc. I never used them once after bringing them home. Disney's reusable bags like all others are just to advertise and make it look like they are environmentally friendly. The bags are pure BS. Yes. Disney does do things that are good for the environment and they are one of the best at it but they should give the consumer the choice because my wife will buy all of them but we will never use them and someday after we die they will be dumped in the garbage or sold on Ebay to someone who will never use them either.
But remember, you are only one view. LOL, I live in the land of whole foods, Wegmans and trader joes. Most folks I know use and reuse the reusable bags all the time at the supermarket.

Now I'll admit I did not do it for altruistic reasons, I don't know about your supermarkets but the plastic bags around here are crap on a cracker. they are so thin, 99% of the time people have to double them. They are so bad that what you'll see is folks put the paper bags inside the garbage plastic bags, so yes I take my reusable bags pretty much all the time to do shopping. I see folks use them to carry stuff to work and to those fairs.

Lastly, it's not an either/or proposition. It's one step.

lol, now to as what will happen when I kick the bucket?? They can use the bags to sneak my ashes onto Pirates of the Caribbean for one last ride then sprinkling them in the Haunted Mansions grave yard.


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I also think this is not a good idea. I reuse all my plastic bags, including Disney bags, as garbage bags. I haven't purchased garbage bags in years. I live in a condo and my garbage bags have to be small enough to fit inside a chute, so grocery/drugstore/Disney bags are perfect for my daily garbage needs. And I also use them when I change out the cats' litter boxes. I triple bag that to make sure they get all the way down to the garbage bin without tearing open and spilling all the litter (I live on the fourth floor). The only time I use the so-called reusable bags (I do have several) is when I shop at Aldi. Do you know if I still have the option to request a plastic bag?


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I was at the wheelchair rental area in MK, and a woman bought two reusable bags. The cast member gave them to her in a plastic bag.
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Ask Cast Members who buys the reusable bags and if people buy all 3 sizes, you will find the answer is a huge percentage of customers buy all 3 and don't use them.

Your view on this is absolutely correct. It makes no sense if your goal is to cut down on pollution but if you think Disney's goal is to sell bags and make money then it makes perfect sense. My wife has been collecting plastic bags this the reusable bag policy was announced and now she is collecting the reusable bags. Look at Ebay and see all the bags, plastic and reusable, for sale.


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I usually decline to purchase at all with the poor quality merchandise and the ridiculous prices.

So no issues with bags for me.

I did sometimes grab a β€œto go” bag (the inkless kind) from the food court to carry in my Vera Bradley purse and put to use as a β€œpurse raincoat” in the event of a downpour. It often came in handy. Better than the ones from the shops that would get blue all over you.

I made a point to put them in the recycle bin in the hotel room.

Now the main purchase they get out of me is the Pandora charm I can afford using my no mousekeeping gift card!! πŸ˜‰Again, no bag needed.
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