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Return of onsite conferences - tracking thread

Is this an interesting thing to track?

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We are all following indicators around hotels reopening, attendance caps and patterns, departure of Pop Warner, pro-sports bubbles, etc., so I thought we might start to crowdsource onsite conference announcements as an indicator of a return to "normal" business operations.

You do not necessarily have to disclose the name of the conference/company in your post. In fact, let's just do dates, location on property, and estimated attendance (if known), and date announced. The point of this thread is to try to see how quickly onsite conference/business travel is being allowed to rebook.

I will keep a compiled list on the first post if this thread is of interest.

April/May: https://www.espnwwos.com/sports/cheer/

April 11-14; Coronado Springs; typically 300-500; 3/25/21
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