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Resort switch from AOA to DVC resort?


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Does anyone know if it is possible to do the resort switch (have WDW staff transfer our luggage basically is what we are most interested in) from Art of Animation to a DVC resort? I don't know if DVC would mess up the plan. I found today that we could stay for pretty cheap one night at AoA and avoid having to wake up up 3 am which would be lovely. Thanks!!


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I have never done this, that is having my luggage go from a standard Disney resort to a DVC resort, but I have had luggage delivered from a standard Disney resort room to a standard Disney resort room. I can not see a logical reason this would still not apply. I know first hand that they will not transfer luggage to a non-Disney run resort. We transfer quite often and the only one we can not get a transfer to or from thus far has been the Dolphin/Swan.

You should call the resort to verify, but I would bet that they will transfer your luggage between the two Disney resorts.
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