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On returning today from a stay at the Beach Club, we discovered that we had left a phone charger behind in the room. Online searches currently provide identical lists of direct phone numbers to the WDW hotels (such as but I discovered that these numbers are only answered automatically, and you then get to listen to Disney music. Your calls (well, at least MY calls) were never picked up. I tried the numbers for both the Beach Club and the Yacht Club, with the no answer/only music result. Then I tried the main Disney reservation number and requested to connect to the Beach Club . . . and it connected me to the line with only music once again.

I found out that to contact WDW about lost items, there is an online form to fill out. Not sure about these phone numbers, but I think Disney is trying to put a stop to guests calling the resorts directly. If these aren't the proper direct lines, then are there new phone numbers?


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Because call centers can answer and handle the majority of guest questions/issues, "direct resort" phone numbers that are available to guests have never existed (at least in my over 20 years of experience). (Imagine dozens or hundreds of people calling a resort front desk directly every day? How would the front desk staff be able to service the guests standing in front of them and answer calls?)

Unfortunately, your call isn't being answered at the moment due to lack of staffing.

If they did currently have enough staffing to answer right away, they would answer "Hello, Disney's Beach Club Resort" and handle your issue, they would direct you to the Lost and Found Online Form/Service.

If the issue did involve something where the resort did need to be involved, say, lost luggage being sent to another resort, they may try to transfer you to the resort luggage manager. (I know this one from personal experience with a Pop/SSR split stay lost luggage issue)

Disney has been known to find items in rooms and ship the items directly to a guest's home without being asked, but they tend to be more personal items, such as a child's plush toy.
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