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Reopening Fort Wilderness


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I can tell you that on a previous storm (can't remember which one) it took two weeks to get back open.

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We're scheduled to arrive at Fort Wilderness next Sat, Oct 8th. Does anyone have a reopening date?
None of us know, as none of us have any idea what kind of damage they’ve sustained over there. Until or if we see some aerial shots of the damage, we won’t even be able to hazard a guess. My guess is it’s a priority, given the revue they’re losing from the trailers, camp sites, and Hoop Dee Doo.


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We're scheduled to arrive at Fort Wilderness next Sat, Oct 8th. Does anyone have a reopening date?
You’ll get an email from Disney as you get nearer.

Others have reported being told the earliest date they expect to be able to open is Thursday 6th.


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Someone mentioned getting contacted 1 or 2 days ago to move their FW check-in for today over to OKW. Having the 6th as an opening target increases the odds for Oct 8th. At minimum they have backup plans.

eta - this was for an RV
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I read another post, I believe the person was checking in the 7th, they were told they could cancel or reschedule. If they wanted to move to another resort, they had to pay the difference.

Edit to add they had booked a campsite so maybe that’s why they weren’t offered a room elsewhere ☹️
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Seems they are reopening on the 7th. I had a reservation starting on the 5th and they said I could do AOA on the 5th and 6th and move to the Fort on the 7th. This is for a campground. We have group of 6 so they were going to give us a family suite at AOA.
Figures. We were due to check out on the 6th. 😂😂

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