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Rented Aulani through Sell My TimeShare Now


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So I have a week at Aulani through SMTN. I rented a deluxe studio at a reasonable price. (taking a year off from WDW for a few years because of the construction and the impending large crowds expected) Was a little less than David's DVC. The question I have is: Has anyone ever rented through them before? What can I expect when I get to Aulani? I have done most of my DVC rentals through RCI as I get them for my own points and I am treated more like a DVC resale than a new potential DVC customer. Unfortunately, my resort in ST. Maarten has been under construction because of hurricane repairs for almost 2 years now. So I have nothing to exchange. Most of the DVC stores didn't have availability. This place was the only place that had a room for me without going directly to Disney. This is my first time to Hawaii and I want to make sure I make the most of my stay at the resort and on the island, but don't want to get stopped or surprised at what I have to pay for because of the way I rented the week. Any tips or thoughts on this rental operation or general thoughts about Aulani are welcomed.

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