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Recommended Job Positions At Disney


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I have a friend who loves Disney entertainment and in particular he loves the parades and nighttime shows. His biggest interest is the music and he loves the special lighting. I have been telling him he should research what it would take for him to get a job with Disney for this kind of stuff. Unfortunately he has no experience what so ever and never went to collage. He is in his late 30s, very likeable guy, smiles a lot and does interact with people, however he is a big introvert and shy/quiet at first until he gets to know people.

I do not know how to advise him but is there any entry level positions at Disney where he could learn how to do this kind of stuff? I had thought maybe he could get a position in entertainment as a parade float driver? Or would that require him to audition and have to dance and stuff? He is definitely not a dancer lol. I think he would be best at a behind the scenes position or in a office type position. Since his interest is in entertainment that's why I thought of maybe a parade float driver would be good for him until maybe he could learn to do other things? There may be other position in entertainment that's more behind the scenes that I am not aware of that does not require experience? If there isn't, what position would be best to recommend for him?


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