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Recent experiences with F&W Fest?


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Very informative thread! We are going to Food and Wine this year and we plan on splitting most things. WE did the DDP just because there are some restaurants we LOVE so we will space out our snacks and share them. I'm assuming the Food and Wine booths are open the entire time World Showcase is open??
They open at 11am and close before Illuminations starts.
Thanks! I've been looking at the newly released food and wine menus this morning and I WANT TO TRY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW, I KNOW, I have to pace myself!! But I AM printing the menus and marking my "must try's!"


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We went last year for the last 6 days and are doing the same this year. Thrilled we will be staying closer (Beach Club).

I was amazed that we just kept stopping at kiosks, there were so many amazing offerings that you constantly felt like you were missing something.


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Was there opening day and the Friday after (9/1). Although its hotter the day time is less crowded. Thursday went from 1-7 and not really a line anywhere. Friday got there at 5pm - noticeably busier. Friday, Sat and Sunday day are peak because of the locals.

For me the ambiance of F&W is better in the late afternoon and evening. If you go anytime between Sunday and Wed you should be okay.

The calamari in Italy was pretty good. Don't remember seeing that before but it might have been there. The "Flavors from Fire" kiosk in Future World was good. I'd have the Piggy Wings again. A few more kiosks this year.