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Disney took the colorfulness and magic out of Neverland with their new version. And worst of all like many other movies recently they’ve decided to drastically change the characters appearances. Making it impossible to feel like you’re watching a Peter Pan based movie and it ultimately prevented you from getting lost in the film.


Joseph Fiennes as Captain Hook


Toby Jones as Smee


Dove Cameron as Tinkerbell


Jack Huston as Mr. Darling
and Jessica Raine as Mrs. Darling
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Joseph Fiennes is a fine actor, I haven't really seem him much in things lately. But he was brilliant in the King Arthur show that was on Starz I believe. It's amazing that good shows get canceled, but horrible ones stick around.

Yep, that was a great show. I stopped watching things on Starz though after Outlander got annoying with the daughter being added in. There's only so many characters preaching to people from other time periods that I can put up with.

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I definitely would go English for Hook and Smee. It wouldn't feel right to go with an American. Because in the back of my brain I always think "This person is American". Same goes the other way except for Christian Bale for some reason. He's played Americans for so long he's practically American now. lol

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