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Re-Do: Imagination pavilion

Imagineering pavilion

The new version of the pavilion would utilize the space for the theater to expand not only the main ride, but the store as well. And the main focus of the pavilion would switch from “Imagination” to “Imagineering”. The hosts of the new pavilion and store would be Alec Tronic and his mother Anna “Ma” Tronic. Who in between bickering with one another teach people about Imagineering and the use of animatronics like themselves in Disney attractions.


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Re-Do: Journey into Imagination with Figment

Journey into Imagineering
----- (omnimover, similar to journey into imagination)
----- (This would be a whole new attraction with a brand new host. …. Walt Disney himself will not only be on screens and narrate the attraction. But he would also be an animatronic. To help him along his journey will be a familiar friend. …. Figment of course. They would both delve deep into the subject of Imagineering, from original concepts and ideas to their final creations. Not to be topped it will conclude in grand style and give a tremendous call back to the past. At the end some of the most famous Epcot animatronics will sing “Imagination” to you, sending you on your way. You would see only former futureworld animatronics in the conclusion like “Ellen”, Buzzy, “Jules Verne”, “Christopher Columbus” and “The Dreamfinder and Figment.”)


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Re-Do: The Pixar Shorts Film Festival

The Rainbow Corridor

The 3d movie and seating area would be taken out and replaced with an expanded colorful version of the store. That really brings back the Classic Rainbow Corridor from the early days of Epcot. It will be a unique shop, because it will have Figment and Captain EO exclusive items. That you can’t get anywhere else in Disney World. As well as many other imagination and imagineering related items.


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Re-Do: The Odyssey Building

The Odyssey restaurant

It seems to only be used during food festivals now. But, that seems like a misuse of great real estate. I think it could really be more effective as a table service option and serve the latest and greatest food from the future. Which are efficiently served by 80’s themed robot waiters and waitresses. One of the main draws of the place though would be the entertainment. A comedic stageshow would star former Epcot robots... Star-nac, Gero and Gyro. They would entertain the masses, when they aren’t ribbing on each other they even fit in an occasional song or two about robots or the future.
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Re-Do: Port of Entry and Disney Traders

World of Coca-Cola

This would be a new store and drinking experience located at the beginning of World Showcase. What was once 2 buildings would now be 1 very long building. Here you can experience different drinks from around the world. In a setting which is meant to look like Ellis Island in New Jersey. Much like the version in Atlanta you can learn about the history of Coca-Cola throughout the world and sample 60 different drinks from around the world.

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