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Yes, yes. It was only a matter of time before this would come! :D Enough talking, just enjoy the screens....

The castle of Beauty and the Beast with my own twist. Changes have been made since (like where the towers are placed) This should give you an idea of the atmosphere and design of the castle. Behind you'll find the castle gardens. On the left side you can see the Great Hall diner through the windows. Guests may also wonder off to the west wing where they'll find Beast's hidden room with the enchanted rose:

I'm also proud to present the Fantasyland Railroad Station, The Old Mill Bucket Wheel and the "it's a small world" facade. (Try finding the hidden Mickey ;) )

The Disneyland hotel:

City Hall

Facades of Main Street

Shot of the Fantasyland facades:

Peter Pan queue area / facade:

Sleeping Beauty facade (unfinished ofcourse). It will hold a "dark ride" type ride (the back space), a restaurant and a gift shop / confectionery (to the right of the screen). It's look is based on on the castle found at Disneyland California. :D

Enjoy. Comments are welcome...


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WOW!!! How funny!! I just loaded RCT2 today cuz I'm getting desperate waiting for 3 to come out. Your castle is beautiful!!! Can you recommend any tips when playing? And by tips I mean cheats!! :lol: I love to just build a park without worry for money. Any help would be most appreciated.

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All I can recommend is lots of practise. D/l Spotlight parks at www.nedesigns.com and post a topic for your park for criticism (a word of warning tho, some members are very rude and there are no rules regarding swearing etc)... Good luck! :D


Hey this park is Amazing so far. It will Rock when your done. but I do have a few questions.
Are you planing on putting the ride tracks in?
and why did you choose Greece? that's an awesome Idea.

Can't wait to see more.

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Funny you asked... I was just going to post exactly that! :D

I've decided finally the (almost) final lineup of attractions. Here is the list going by themed lands:
Main Street USA:
1. The Disneyland Railroad
2. Discovery Arcade - Showcases stuff of the future that was predicted to be and provides a smooth indoor transition to Discoveryland.
3. Liberty Aracde - Showcases artifacts of old America, provides a smooth indoor transition to Frontierland.
4. Main Street Vehicles
1. Big Thunder Mountain - The island version found at Disneyland Paris. (FP)
2. Thunder Mesa Riverboat landing
3. Fort Comstock - The main entrance to Frontierland. Attraction description: At Fort Comstock, near the Cheyenne camp, find the heroes and legends of the Wild West.
4. Fantasmic!
5. The Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue.
6. Tom Sawyer Island
New Orleans Square:
1. The Disney Gallery
2. Pirates of the Caribbean - Unthemed.
3. The Haunted Mansion - Themed.
4. The Disneyland Railroad Station - NOS Station
1. Aladdin's Magic Carpet Adventure - A dark ride through the streets of Agrabah and the story of Aladdin. Themed. (FP)
2. Flying Carpets over Agrabah - In the middle of the Agrabah Bazaar.
3. Jungle River Rapids - The uncheapened version of Kali River Rapids.
4. Mowgli's Treehouse - Watch for it in tomorrow's update. :yup:
5. Fire Mountain - No, this won't look like aero's one. And no, this isn't copying. Originaly it was a Disney concept. (FP)
6. If room allows anything more, Legend of the Lion King show.
1. Cogsworth's Castle Tour - A dark ride through the Beast's castle. Themed.
2. Tale of Beauty and the Beast - The advanced AA show that never saw the light of day.
3. Peter Pan's Flight - Unthemed.
4. Disneyland Railroad FL Station
5. "it's a small world" - Unthemed.
6. The Old Mill Bucket Wheel
7. Cinderella's Fairytale - Themed.
8. Voyage of the Little Mermaid - Let's just say, prepare for THE E-Ticket of Fantasyland rides. ;)(FP)
9. Tale of Sleeping Beauty - Themed.
10.Mad Hatter's Tea Party
11.The Disneyland Carousel
12. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
13. Snow White's Scary Adventure - Unthemed.
14. Beast's Castle
1. Space Mountain - From the Earth to the Moon (FP)
2. Alien Encounter
3. Stitch's Great Escape - A new dark ride concept. Themed. (FP)
4. Star Tours
5. Autopia
6. The Mysterys of the Nautilus
7. Videopolis - Featuring Honey I Shrunk the Audience
8. Astro Orbitor
9.Visionarium Arcade
10.Visionare Theatre - featuring TimeKeeper.
11.Disneyland Railroad DiscL Station

Overall 45 attractions.

If I don't reach the data limit by then ToonTown will be included. All the Disneyland rides will be in it with the addition of Mickey's Philarmagic. :D

A screen of the overview map (I'm at 50% more or less):


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Now here's a concept I enjoy. (mainly to do with my pet peeve with proper size).

Anyway, DLP, if you were to ever do that in RCT2 would need a 230 x 230 grid (without the hotel I believe).

Anyway, I should note that I actually have both Discoveryland and Tommorowland in the park I am working on. (expect a month to see the current incarnation in the Imagineering board).

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Hey DM, I'm glad you like my park but you must remember every person has a different style of building. Mine is more on scale for others it's less accurate. It all depends on how you enjoy building.


Be sure to check this topic, in 2 weeks I'll advertise part of the Arabian Bazaar!
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