Rain ponchos?


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Pretty much every "Disney travel tip" guide says to buy rain ponchos at home to avoid having to buy one at the parks, but can anyone comment on where you have found them? I've looked at the dollar store and Walmart so far with no luck.
camping section at walmart or target.


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We always take the $1.00 store ones and carry them in our pockets. When it rains we put them on and than they toss them away when it stops. Always take two or three per person in the group. I keep a Walt Disney World bag pack under my bed with these in there as well as other stuff I take. Restock the week we get back home and it's ready to go. In the bag is also landers, badge holder, water bottles, first aid stuff, annual passes, Disney Vacation Membership Cards, etc.


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Walmart ponchos.. (found near the umbrellas) come in a drawstring bag for a few bucks. They have adult and children sizes. These last along time. (We have used for several Disney trips as well as UGA football games)
I remove them from the drawstring bag and refold them to fit into a quart size zip bag (with the clip). They fit great in the bottom of a tote or backpack. The plus of using the zip bags is that after use during those Florida showers, turn them inside out and put back into the zip bag.


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This is a great tidbit!! We have Disney ponchos but I was going to buy some cheap ones to take in case the Disney ones rip.
Someone said on here a while back that they no longer replace ripped ponchos at Disney.
I buy the .88 ones from Wal Mart. They hold up a lot better than the ones we bought at the dollar store.
They are also longer and sealed on the sides which really makes a difference. I always stay dryer in my cheap ones than my Disney ones. We also take full rainsuits for days it will be raining all day. That's really the only way to stay dry. If it's hot, we only wear the jackets as they are long enough to cover our shorts and who cares if your legs get wet when it's 90 degrees. I also take speedo mary janes to wear when it's raining hard. The mesh dries quickly as do the removable soles. If they are really wet, I dry them with the hairdryer. Of course, this is only for constant rain. The little cheap ones are great for quick afternoon showers and wet rides. I can't stand to sit in a puddle in a seat. Yuk.

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Pretty much every "Disney travel tip" guide says to buy rain ponchos at home to avoid having to buy one at the parks, but can anyone comment on where you have found them? I've looked at the dollar store and Walmart so far with no luck.

I got a few Good ones at the Local Sporting goods store.Think they were Coleman?!!? I think its was $50 for 4 . They lasted all week and would have lasted Longer if I could figure out how to get them back into the packaging. Well worth it.


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We bought 4 in 1993, one of them tore on our trip this past December and went to buy a new one and the cast member said no need to buy one we exchange them for free. So for the 6 or 7 dollars we have gotten many uses out of our Mickey ponchos. We go 2 times a year.


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I miss the old yellow ponchos with the mickey on the back, LOL! Here is a great article on their demise: http://www.yesterland.com/ponchos.html

With that said, the dollar store sells rain ponchos but they are obviously very cheap and after one use should be thrown away. I always get mines in red from walmart in the wilderness/sporting section for about $8 - Ive been using the same one for about 3 years now. Just make sure if it rains you air dry it before packing it back up.


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Look up Stearn's Emergency Poncho on Amazon... Can't go wrong for 1 cent!!! That's right, $0.01... With $4.99 for shipping, buy a whole bunch of them!!!!!


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I got a bunch at the Dollar store for a buck a piece. Although some will disagree, I rather bring the cheap ones and throw them out if need be, then but the $6 or $7 ones at the parks


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Disney will replace ripped poncho's
Offically it requires a receipt and has to be within so many ( I forget the number) days of purchase. I was told this at Epcot Guest Relations and by the managers of Mouse Gear and the Emporium when I tried to exchange my torn poncho. That said some CM's will make an exchange. I now use the 88 cent Wally World ponchos as I hate to fold up a wet ponch and reuse it. I throw the wet ponch away when the rain stops and use a new one when it starts up again. A drizzle, why bother.


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Wal Mart now carries a "breathable" poncho in purple, green and red. They're very lightweight, but made of a material that looks like a thinner version of an IKEA tote bag. They are 4.97. I plan to try one on my next trip.

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Prefer my mini umbrella that slips into my bag. I don't like having that wet messy poncho to bother with each time I go into a building.


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Personally, I really prefer the Disney ponchos. They are more durable and don't stick to me like the cheap ones (you know...the ones that feel like a trash bag? ick). I buy one every couple of trips and save it. I use it at street festivals, outdoor concerts, etc... in the real world, which makes me happy to have a little bit of Disney with me! I bought a poncho in 2008 and just replaced it on my last trip. That is 5 years of poncho for less than $10. woot! Just make sure that you let it dry completely each time before you fold it up, obviously.

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