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Rain is not so bad.....


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Either way, the part I remember about Florida in the Winter is that the days may well get pretty warm, but the nights can get chilly. I think common sense would be to look at a weather site prior to packing (those guys are always right:confused: ) to get a basic idea for what to bring and while at the parks(s), plan on bringing a sweater or jacket for the evening hours. Include some kind of rain gear (poncho people or jacket) and HAVE FUN!!


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Originally posted by Creekboy25
I guess some of you southerners haven't really experienced snow.
This southerner got his first taste of snow at 10pm at an airport in upstate New York a couple of years back. I'll agree that when it falls, it's pretty, but if it's cold enough to snow, it's too cold for this kid.


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The 11am(est) news here in the Boston area just said that the Jaffrey NH area has a -30 wind chill and that it takes only a few minutes to get frostbite. The Boston area isn't much better, they estimate it will only take 20 minutes to get frostbite.

Nevertheless, these are the extremes. This would be like saying someone hates Florida because its always 100 degrees. Its rarely 100 degrees down there and rarely this cold up here.
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