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Quick embroidered item questions


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Does anyone know if the places that embroider have the Disney font to embroider something I bring into the parks? I have a black backpack I would love to have monogrammed and would love to get a special touch added to it while I am there.

I think there are three places to go so I also wonder which one would be the fastest? Last trip we had ears made at MouseGears for my daughter and they were made up in twenty minutes which was great.

Thanks in advance


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As far a I know they only embroider things that are purchased at the location. I'm not certain though.

Thanks I wasn't sure. I will be carrying the backpack with me as my handbag so if they can I will dump my stuff in another bag (of course I will be making purchases ;))

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There is noting in the parks that I am aware of, but a local embroidery shop should be able to accommodate you.

The Disney font was available to me 20+ years ago when I did embroidery during college and I can't imagine that changing.


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Disney will only embroider items that are currently available on property. The machines are well worked and can have a 5-10% jamming/damage/error rate some days. They don’t want to damage anything they cannot replace.


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Call your local embroidery shops a lot of them have the Disney font and can do it. Most of the brother machines come with the Disney font now.


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I believe the Disney font is actually called "Waltograph".

We just had a local independent store embroider our daughter's name on her backpack as well as put glow-in-the-dark letters with her name on the back of her glow-in-the-dark castle Disney t-shirt using the Waltograph font. It looks great!

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