Questions about recasting for medical accomodation


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Before I started my CP I put in a medical accommodation for my severe allergy to strawberries since I was cast in Specialty Beverage (Starbucks) which involves strawberries. My accommodation stated that I must be able to wear gloves when working with strawberries. They approved my medical accommodation and said that I would be able to wear gloves. I am now in my 3rd week of working at my location and they told me that they can no longer accommodate my allergy due to safety issues.

So here I am being told I have to be recast on my college program and my leaders having no idea where I might get recast to. I’m petrified of where I might get recast to because I love working at the Trolley Car Cafe! Anybody know what the process is going to be like or what role they might recast me into? I’m hoping to make a preference request. They can’t put me into QSFB because of my allergy and I really do not want to be in Custodial or housekeeping. Any insight would be much appreciated!


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Hey! How did it end up going? I’m in the same dilemma
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