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Questions about CBR current state.


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We have a Trip coming up very soon and will be arriving at CBR on Mar. 3rd-13th. Wondering about the current state of the resort and how comfortable it will be due to the construction going on around the resort. We have a preferred room and requested the Martinique buildings to be close to the Transport, but have seen a few pictures that are kinda offputting such as the relandscaping in Jamaica and Aruba. I am looking forward to seeing CBR as this will be my first stay there. I just don’t want it to be ruined by tons of torn up landscaping and construction. Current Pictures and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Ber

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We just came back from a trip in November and all construction was done, with the exception of Gondola stuff, resort is beautiful, food court turned out a little funky, but functional, enjoy the trip


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How was the landscaping @Dave Ber When we visited in January, so many areas of Jamaica were deforested and ripped apart with chain link fencing surrounding the area. Not sure if they were re landscaping or expanding sidewalks. Down by Aruba, towards Skyliner, I saw they were expanding the Promenade.


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These pictures are from mid-December. The big one is the Riviera, the scenic is the what used to beautiful view across to Aruba now destroyed by the gondola tower, and the bottom is the ugliness that greets you as you come across the bridge to Jamaica and Aruba.

Hope you have fun, but do not, I repeat DO NOT, expect any caribbean theming. This hotel is about as generic as they come. The vibe is caribbean lite. It's too bad - I really liked this place.


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Was there three weeks ago. The December pictures are basically the same, but its amazing how much further along the Riviera construction is now
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