Question about FP+ between party of 4 on two reservations


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I'm wondering how to do FP+ in this situation: There are 4 of us under two onsite room reservations. Room #1 is under my name and I invited/linked friend A onto my plans/account. Room #2 is under friend B's name and she invited/linked friend C onto her plans/account.

3 out of 4 of us want to do the same 3 FP+ during the trip, while one (friend B) needs to pick one or two that are different (due to fear of heights, basically)

I think it'll be easier to snag all the same FP+ if I try to get FP+ for 3 or all of us, as opposed to each one trying to get the same rides at the same time. However, because friends B and C are already under another room, I'm worried if I send an invite and add them to my plans this might cause issues since they are already under another plan/reservation. Alternatively, if I simple create a "fastpass party" in the app (which seems to require name but not linking with the email like an invite), it doesn't seem like they'll be able to link that to their magicbands later

So, what can we do? Should we coordinate and each try to snag our own? Or is it somehow possible to add them to my reservation for the sake of FP+, while keeping their own reservation?

Sorry if this is well-known, last time I went to wdw I did it praticallysolo so a party FP+ was never in question.


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You can link anyone to your friends and family list without affecting their reservation. That's what it's for.

Do all 4 of you have your own MDE accounts? If so, you can just invite the other two friends. And make the FPs altogether.

What you don't want to do is add them to your MDE profile as managed by you if they have their own MDE accounts. That's when they will end up existing twice and the issues arise. So if not everyone has their own MDE account then tread carefully!


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Thank you, I think I understand. I've added them under the friends and family and sent an invite so they won't be managed by me!

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