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New Feature Push Notifications of alerts


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The WDWMAGIC Forums now provide Push Notifications on supported browsers.

Depending on your browser, you will see something like below, asking for your permission to enable push notifications. Follow through the permission, and you will receive alerts.


As you would expect with push notifications, you do not necessarily need to be viewing the forum when the notification is received, nor does the browser even need to be active.

You can configure which type of alerts you would like to receive as a push at https://forums.wdwmagic.com/account/preferences

Supported browsers include Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

Unfortunately at this time, Safari on iOS and MacOS is not supported due to restrictions put in place by Apple.


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I've noticed that the push notifications on desktop (Chrome - Windows 10) open in another tab when you click them - even when you're on the WDWMAGIC site itself - creating a billion tabs if you're getting multiple notifications in a short span of time. Slight inconvenience but I can understand why it's built that way.


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So... on my desktop, I find frequently there is a huge 'backlog' of notifications that come in when I log into the computer... including notifications I had already seen elsewhere. I've not noticed this kind of behavior being so problematic on other sites I have notifications turned on... generally if I'm not at the computer, the notification never gets shown. But the wdwmagic ones seem to queue up and then unload when I first log into the computer. I don't see this on ios... or really even on my osx machine. But my win10+chrome machine spams the hell out of me when I first login.

Thoughts @wdwmagic ?

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