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Its been too long and I cant remember -

I will purchase 3 APs online.

We prefer to not go to Disney Springs to enable them.

If we want to enable at a park, if we have proper paperwork and show at the parking booth, do we have to pay for parking for that "first" time?

Can we enable APs at a resort?

Do we still get RFID AP card that we can tap at tap point or do we only show AP on the app?

I presume we can link an old magic band to the new APs?


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I can’t answer about the parking but I just activated my pass in Sept. You cannot activate at a resort. I activated my pass at HS at a ticket booth and just showed the email that had my AP pass number along with my driver’s license. I was given an AP card at that time but had already linked my MB when I first purchased it back in April.


When I used to work in Guest Relations, my experience saw that the parking lot would charge you, but then we would reimburse you for parking in the form of a gift card. It's been a couple years since I've worked for the company so I'm not sure if that's still what they do, but you could ask.

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