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Puffins on Parade.

King Racoon 77

Thank you sir. You were an inspiration.
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Thank you, @Mr Ferret 88 !! 🥰

Every day I looked forward to seeing the work of another creative artist. Truly, I was amazed by artistic talent of all who painted the puffins.

This morning, I went back through all the pages, and I tried to find my #1 selection, but it was impossible. Every one of them was great. So I ended up with my 5 favorite ones, and couldn't narrow it down beyond that.

In random order:

page 3, #49
Popsicles, hot dogs, burgers, fries, onion rings -- FOOD! :joyfull:
I also like the shade of purple in the background.

page 3, #53
Love the idea of a mosaic, all-over design, with complimentary colors

Blueberry Muffin
page 3 , #58
Interesting design overall, and I liked how the creativity carried through to the base

page 9, #164
I enjoyed the creative sea life water scenes

Huffle Puffin
page 13, #253
Creative and very detailed -- love how the back is uniquely different from the front design

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