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Proposing ideas


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Hey everyone. My girlfriend and I are headed down to Disney World soon, and I am planning on proposing down there. I've got a billion ideas in my head, but no real spring board (especially Disney fans) to bounce ideas off of. So here goes. We actually met when I was preparing to move down there years ago (almost 15), and she was working as a CP in Liberty Square. We've been together for 5 years now, and just moved out to Arizona. We don't know when we're going to get back down, so this is definitely the time. We're both rather private people, so no "big scene" proposals here. Some of our favourite rides are the Haunted Mansion, the PeopleMover, Spaceship Earth, and a whole bunch of EPCOT. I'm not sure if I want to do it on ride, but it seems like one of the easiest ways to ensure a semi-private moment. Some ideas I've floated in my head are:

- On the Peoplemover, either coming out of Space Mountain, or at the Progress City model (being big fans of the whole EPCOT idea).
- On Haunted Mansion (maybe during the Hitchhiking Ghosts part?)
- At the top of Spaceship Earth, to give us something that isn't the digital journey back down that exists right now (that neither of us care for)
- Where we met... which takes a map to find with all of the changes at Disney Springs. This was my first idea - but it doesn't give a lot of privacy. We met at the old West End Stage of Pleasure Island, which is now around Enzo's Hideaway and STK Orlando.

Any other ideas or thoughts on my ideas? Thanks!


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I wouldn’t want to be proposed to on a ride, hard to get a good hug when stuck in a ride. Plus I would probably drop the ring and it would be gone for good. if You exit Epcot at IG there is a little walkway under the bridge next to the water that is very private and wide enough she won’t drop the ring in the water. Almost all of the resorts in this area have nice spots. There are usually bench swings on the beach at BC or the gazebo near Boardwalk.



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That’s fair... that’s why slower omnimovers with enough room for two people to hug and such was part of the chosen rides. That’s one of the things I like about the Peoplemover especially on that front. Those aren’t bad ideas, but do leave a bit of people flow x-factor. I’ll keep them in mind. Thanks :)

Disneyfreak Jen

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Do a character greeting and discreetly let the photographer know ahead of time, you very well may only have a few people actually watching you guys so it can be low key. Then you’ll have a lot of candid shots that you can treasure. Good luck!!


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Here's is how I proposed to my fiance (both of us private people):
I said I wanted to be the last people out of the park, so we sat on the hub grass after closing and waited for everyone to leave. She was being difficult and said we needed to go so the cast members could get on with their night. I was able to hold out until 90% of the people have left and proposed there in the grass (turf). Literally nobody saw it happen and we still had the castle in the background. Then we went to the Poly after and had a drink after walking down Main Street engaged. We did get a photopass picture taken right after so we still had that.


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Oh man. I love that idea kjb! However, I just realized something. The afternoon we arrive is the 10 year anniversary of Pleasure Island’s last night (which is where we met). As much as I didn’t want to do it on a travel day, or in a less controllable place, I am very tempted to do it there, and then. It just seems way too perfect. Any thoughts? I mean, I was against travel day for exhaustion reasons, but I did want to do it earlier in the trip. And there are few places more special to us both than the western edge of ol’ PI
Don't do it on a ride, it is not a good idea and not the right time for this thing.

I'd recommend having a nice meal with her (Contemporary?) during fireworks, unless that is cliché. Go with your heart though and do something that is a special place for your relationship and both of you. A ride is not the way to go about it and I think most women would not enjoy that, the moment needs to be about them and special.

In my case it was a location of one of our first dates where we really hit it off. When you know the right place you will know it.
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