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Proposing at Magic Kingdom before opening


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Hey everyone! I've spent the past week reading through so many of the threads and stories about proposals members have posted on this site. It's been both helpful and equally terrifying! o_O

I have a question. Me and my partner are going to Disney World Orlando at the start of May.

I've been reading up on the 'hack' that's written about over the web...getting a table reservation at Be Our Guest / Cinderella's Castle for 8am that letts you bypass the crowds and giving you the possibility of getting in front of the castle while it's empty.

I've been reading up and it looks like this has recently changed this year with the opening show now taking place on the castle?

Has anyone been in the past few weeks who could help me out with this? Does anyone know if getting a 8am table has any benefit anymore? If not, has anyone got any other ideas of how to get there while it's still relatively empty?



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sorry, I really don't know. But Good Luck!!


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We had an 8:05 breakfast ADR at BOG two weeks ago. We got there about 10 mins early. The walk up main street definitely wasn't crowded, but there were some people around. It wasn't deserted but definitely not busy. We ate and then rode 7DMT three times in a row with no wait.

We did the steam trains tour last year before park opening and the place was absolutely deserted. Entirely different then.

So I'd say your plan is entirely doable, and it'll be magical! But you might not get a completely empty shot of the castle during the proposal.

Congratulations, good luck, and all the best!