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Princess Diaries DVD pulled?

Monorail Lime

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Original Poster
Word on the street is that the Princess Diaries DVD has been pulled from the shelves at all Disney Stores. My local DS confirmed this but won't give a reason. It's off of the Disney Store web site and if you follow the Buy link from the official movie site it says "Item #24744 is not available" at the top of the page.

Anyone know the story behind this? Technical flaw? Distribution problem? Michael Eisner's phone number snuck on to the bathroom stall? :D


New Member
i work at disney and the reason is legal problems of some sort also 4 other live action have been pulled one of them is Disney's princess of thieves


wow! that is my daughter's all time favorite movie... she knows the whole movie word for word I'm sure. Definetly glad I bought the dvd when it came out.

was it something within the movie itself causing the legal woes or is it something behind the scenes?


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I received the Princess Diaries about 2 weeks ago from the Disney Movie Club after being on about a 3 month backorder.


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well the movie club has tittle that are OOP like ducktales the movie they carry it and also the spirit of mickey which you cant get anywhere else

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