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So my latest Disney trip was about 3 months ago and this time I visited Tiana. Right before I got to chat with her, a little girl met her. Tiana dropped to the ground to meet her at eye level and her dress seemed to collapse; like there was nothing underneath - no crenoline or hoop skirt. When she stood again, her skirt became full again. Does anyone know what they use for the big skirts there? I have a heavy Belle dress that I want to cosplay in more but I have nothing to support it. Anyone know what they use or have a good way to support a ball gown (something preferably easy to sit in!) thank you!!!!!


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Hoops can definitely collapse like that. Each hoop is fairly stiff on it's own but it's usually suspended by fabric or strips of ribbon that have no issue collapsing like one of those collapsible camping cups.
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