Trip Report Price Breakdown of 4 night trip for 2 adults and a 10 month old

Thought people planning an upcoming trip might be interested in a price breakdown from my trip last week. It was 2 adults and 1 baby staying 4 nights at the Dolphin and 2 park hopping days.

Hotel [$1263.38]: 4 nights in a king room at the Dolphin

Tickets [$834.32]: 2 day park hopper for 2 adults

Transportation [$64]: Mears Connect round trip for 2.

Photopass [$150] : 2 individual days of Photopass

Genie Plus [$110.78]: 2 days of park hopper Genie plus for 2 people

Food/Drinks [$657.68] : Expensive meals include a Dinner at Wine Bar George and character breakfast at Cape May. I should also note that both adults enjoyed an alcoholic beverage at meals when available.

Souvenirs [383.44]: Long list of items, however this is probably the most flexible item.

Baby's first haircut [$28]

Total not including Airfare: $3,491.60

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