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Preview of the Country Bears Movie


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The Country Bears

The Country Bears -- Zeb Zoober, brothers Ted and Fred Bedderhead, and Basil "Tennessee" O'Neal -- visit the hospitality table while filming their autobiographical, big-screen debut on location at the Disney Ranch just north of Los Angles. During the 1970s, these Tennessee-based Southern rockers built a rabid national following, touring relentlessly and topping the charts with a string of acclaimed and influential albums. The band split up more then 10 years ago but recently reunited to film this rockumentary, due in theaters next summer.

From Disney Magazine


A 10-year-old adopted bear named Beary treks to Tennessee to find his biological family and reunite the once-successful band The Country Bears for a benefit concert that could save the Country Bear Hall from demolition. The Country Bear Jamboree attraction at Disneyland inspired this original story.

Starring Charles Dutton, Christopher Walken, Haley Joel Osment, Daryl "Chill" Mitchell, Deidrich Bader
Directed by Peter Hastings
Written by Mark Perez
Studio Walt Disney Pictures

Singer-songwriter John Hiatt has signed to write at least five original songs for the film. Hiatt is also likely to provide the singing voice for one of the bears and might write additional tunes. (Hollywood Reporter)

Info from: movies.com


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I thought that guy was on drugs!!! "Hi there ho there happy day and dont be lazy its me!" or something like that. He's my bigest rolemodel lol!:D

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