Predicting MNSSHP Dates for Oct. 2012


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So I am one week away from when I can start making my ADR's. But it's a little hard to plan for MNSSHP when those dates usually aren't announced until later.

Looking at MK's operating hours on Disney's site, it looks like it will be closing at 7pm both Thursday and Friday, October 4th and 5th. I know these times are always subject to change, is it maybe safe to say that MNSSHP will happen both nights or just one of those nights?

Wanna try to get my ADR's in order before all the good ones book up. :)



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I just made mine for September and was wondering about the same. I called Disney and asked and was told that if I look at the calendar and the park closes at 7:00 PM it is because most likely it will be a MNSSHP night.

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