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Port Orleans French Quarter


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we’ve stayed at FQ 3 years straight, & plan on staying there again this october. it’s a quiet compact resort. even if you’re in 1 of the furthest buildings, it’s a 2-3 minute walk to the food court/lobby/bus stops.
we had a king bed room on our last visit & it was a corner room. you get some nice window views depending on your location. also feels you have more space in the room with a king bed vs 2 queen beds.
IMO, you can’t go wrong with FQ. hope you enjoy.
Look into Port Orleans Riverside.. stayed there myself and will again and you may find it a little bit more intimate and quiet, I think POFQ is more of the kids resort of the two, it is more spread out but the walks around the resort,and the walk to POFQ, is very nice,, pools are quiet,nice bar and restaurant, and its nice to have the rooms in the buidlings resembling the old southern mansion look.. which ever you stay at please take the boat ride you will enjoy it.


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I've been to 4 WDW resorts in my lifetime, and POFQ is hands down my favourite. It's small, so not much walking, which is good when you get off the bus after putting 12 miles on at MK, the theming is great, the resort grounds are tranquil and peaceful, they have beignets, the water taxi to DS is right there. And, if you can get one, some of the rooms are very, very close to the main lobby/gift shop/Sassagoula Floatworks/bus stops; during our first stay at POFQ last fall, we had a corner room on the top floor, and we could look out our window and see directly in to Sassagoula Floatworks, and had the ability to pop in for a cup refill and be back in our room in a matter of minutes. I can't see us staying anywhere else from here on in, TBH.


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Just booked here, again, for my upcoming trip in October (if it happens). Thought I better book because when they do open back up it will sell out fast, always does.

I wanted to stay in a deluxe again but the prices have gotten outrageous and I really loved my last trip at POFQ. So peaceful, quiet and beautiful. I love that the resort is so small and we didn't have any long lines at the bus station.


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Not quite accurate to say that the rooms at POFQ are the same as the value resorts. We stayed at POFQ and POP twice each last year. Here is what we noted from our stays...
Similarities: Outside entrances
Key differences in favor of POFQ: more space in the vanity sink area, larger "closet" space, more drawers for clothing storage, slightly larger room and larger window (even more so if you get a corner room), ceiling fan, larger night stands next to beds, table with two chairs in ALL rooms
Key differences in favor of POP: no extra charge for the king bed, but not guaranteed, queen murphy folds up giving more floor space and a table (otherwise, no table and had to store chairs somewhere in the room), "coffee station" my wife really loved (two shelves for cups/food, drawer with coffee supplies, coffee maker on the main shelf, fridge underneath)

It was accurate for the rooms we stayed in. The only difference at all was the flooring and that we had two regular beds in POFQ vs the regular bed and Murphy bed at pop. Size was exactly the same. Exactly the same amenities. Exactly the same bathroom set up. Same three tier stacked hotel buildings. Your experience may have been different from my experience but don't presume that just because you experienced things one way that everyone else did as well.

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