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POP to Grand Floridian Travel Time?


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Hello! I am staying at Pop Century in February and made a breakfast reservation at the Grand Floridian Cafe on the day I'm not doing any parks. The reservation is at 9:10 am, but I'm now realizing this might not the best plan. I've figured there are two ways to get to GF from POP: either taking the bus to Magic Kingdom and then walking/taking the monorail, or taking the bus to Animal Kingdom and then taking the bus to GF. MK doesn't open until 9 that morning so the earliest bus would be around 8, but I'm assuming it will be quite busy at the bus stop given that it's a Saturday and it would take a while to actually get on. Do you think that it would be possible to make this reservation, or should I try to find a different time/place (any suggestions?) Or could I maybe cancel any breakfast reservation entirely and just try to walk up on my own time/try to get an uber instead of park transportation? I don't want to risk being late and getting charged :) Thank you!

Kingdom Konsultant

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Order an Uber/Lyft around 8:15 am since it may take a little while to get there. You should check in at the podium 15-20 minutes prior to your seating time so this should allow enough to wait/travel and check in on time. If you have a little extra time, you can explore the lobby

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Tom 55

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They finally finished the walkway from MK to Grand Floridian. It starts near the Monorail station at MK and goes along the edge of 7 seas lagoon. I plan to walk it when I go in September.
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Cowboy Steve

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We have always had good luck using Uber traveling between resorts for meal reservations. The first time we ate at another resort we spent over 90 mins getting there by bus - one way. That was about the time Uber was just getting started. Next trip, we Uber'd! Best decision ever! lol.
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Gaston's gal

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We were just at WDW at the beginning of January. We did walk from the Poly and back on the new walkway and enjoyed it. It didn't feel like a long walk at all. If you leave POP by 8am by bus for MK, you should make it there by foot in plenty of time. Enjoy your breakfast at GF Cafe!
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"El Scorpion"

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Uber/Lyft the quickest. And provides the least risk of missing your time.

You could always Skyline it over to DHS and then take the bus to GF as well.
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