POP Surprise Sept. 24-28 PTR

Hello all!!!
Here is my first PTR, and first time posting pics, took me a little bit, but I figured it out thanks to some helpful boards. My husband and I are long time lurkers and fans of many trip report writers, a lot of you are like celebirties to us. I recently just started posting and replying on the boards. My first post was about this trip.. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/...e-with-a-sept-trip.842101/page-2#post-5092708. (If there's another way put in a thread post let me know.)

A little background:
Our last trip was Sept 2010, our first trip with DD (April), she was 2 going on 3. DH and I had done a few trips before that together. A couple off property that were good, but we were still looking to perfect the trip, then our 3rd together we stayed on property. Once we stayed on property and had an immersive experience we were super hooked! And now we can't think of anything but Disney trips.

A few photos from our trip with April

So, this trip will be our 2nd trip with April. Our original plan was a trip for August 2013. We are currently following a plan to pay off our debt (using Dave Ramsey's financial plan), which we will be done with around Jan/Feb 2013. Our reward to ourselves was going to be a big trip to the world with Princess make overs, ADR's and Royal Rooms! My husband however, decided we were working so hard and doing so well that he budgeted a trip on his own and booked it as a surprise. He spilled the beans a couple weeks ago to me, but our daughter still doesn't know. I think we're going to tell her a week before hand.
Now we are going to POP Sept. 24th-28th. This will be a trip where we try to cut corners, but non the less I am super excited! It's Disney World!!! And we are staying on property. We have wanted to try a value resort, and I look forward to what POP has to offer after many positive reviews we have read.

So here's me (Crystal):

My DH (Rick)

and DD (April), she's the Queen of the Waves! :) And 4 going on 13.


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Last trip we made out a rough spreadsheet of what we wanted to do, complete with ADR's, then we would pull up a touring plan on DH's iphone and try to follow it. Worked out pretty well. This trip we won't be confined to ADR times, which will give us even more flexibility. I do however have an itinerary set up on my phone to pull up just to keep us on track for some of the things we want to do.

So.. here goes:

Day 1, Sept. 24th
-up early AM to catch our flight
-When we land we will either eat lunch at the Airport or at POP after we check in
-EPCOT!! (try to grab some FP, if there are any, for Soarin, we really want DD to try this)
-Dinner at Sunshine Seasons, we have read some good reviews on this place and want to try it out
-Illiuminations and then back to POP for some much needed rest

Day 2, Sept. 25th
-rope drop at MK! Pull up a touring plan and see where we're headed next. (We really do need to ride Splash Mnt though as I have never been on it, and neither has DD.)
-Check and see if by some miracle Tortuga is open for lunch, if not we follow some notes on where to grab some lunch, or grab a burger.
-Break time, rest and swimming at POP
-4:30ish get costumes on and head to MK for MNSSHP
-Dinner maybe at Rays, I want to check out the half chicken meal and share it with DD
-do some rides and then catch the parade and Halloween show, and trick or treat
-fireworks and then head back to POP around 11 or so. DD is an evening person so the extra hours this night will be a great time!

Day 3, Sept. 26th
-sleep in a little, then off to HS!!!
-if there are FP's left get some for TSM, perhaps see if DD wants to catch Dis JR Live!
-and... I can't wait! Hit Starring Rolls and check out some of their much talked about cupcakes, and maybe a sandwhich for lunch.
-not sure about a break today. DD will have a stroller and last trip we found she zonked out in the stroller instead of napping at the resort. Resort time=swimming time in her mind.
-3pm Pixar Parade
-Dinner at Pizza Planet for DD to experience
-Maybe Fantasmic. We have not seen this show yet. If we are all not to tired we want to do it, otherwise we will retire early to POP and rest up for day 4. There is always next trip to see Fantasmic.

Day 4, Sept. 27th
-AM in AK!
-perhaps catch Lion King show
-lunch at Yak or Flame Tree
-break time! Swim and maybe skip across the bridge to AOA as we will be booking that for part of our next trip.
-Back to MK after break.. maybe 5pm?
-Dinner at Plaza if we can and feel like it, otherwise maybe Bills (my DH likes it).
-7pm, catch Electric parade
-Close out park.

Day 5, Sept. 28th :(
-sleep in, pool time
-go home... boo!!
-talk about our next trip all the way home and until Aug 2013!!!

I'm hoping to put up a TR when we get back as well.

So.. that's it. Should be a blast, thanks to my DH!!!!


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I have no room request or preference but have never stayed in the 50's. Always seem to end up in the 80's or 90's lol. But we will def be enjoying the pools!! See you there!!! :)


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Looks like we will be there the same week! Pop is my favorite value resort.. it has one of the best food courts! you won't be disappointed! Have a wonderful and magical time with your family! :D

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