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Hello everyone!

My girlfriend and I are both huge Disney fans and are returning there in the next couple months. I have been planning on proposing to her on the Polynesian beach during the fireworks show; however, I need help with figuring out the best way to do so! We are both private people and don't want a big crowd around (We're also a LGBT couple, and while I know Disney is pretty progressive, I don't want any negative-nellies ruining our happy moment!), but I wouldn't mind having pictures taken during (or right after) the proposal, if possible. Does anyone have tips for more private spots to view the fireworks and if any memory maker photographers are ever out there?



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I haven't seen Photopass photographers at any resorts other than at Christmastime for several years now. If you want a guaranteed photo you would want to book a photographer. You could try to work with Disney Fine Art Photograpy (http://disneyfineartphotography.com/) or any of a bunch of local photographers (poke around the wedding sites for suggestions). Good luck!
My boyfriend proposed to me at The Polynesian this year but he was the same as you and didn't want big crowds! Instead of taking me to the main beach he took me to a quiet beach to the left of the resort. The Happily Ever After music isn't piped here and I believe it's darker than the big beach but it was still amazing and so romantic. Unfortunately I'm not sure you'd be able to get any photos here due to the lighting but maybe you could ask staff at the hotel for any ideas? Good luck!
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