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Poll: Trip Insurance... Good Idea or Waste of Money?

Will you buy trip insurance for your next WDW vacation?

  • Yes, the WDW-offered package

    Votes: 14 26.4%
  • Yes, but I'll find my own trip insurance carrier

    Votes: 15 28.3%
  • No

    Votes: 24 45.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Make sure that if you are traveling internationally, say, on a cruise, that this coverage includes emergency evacuation insurance, or you could be looking at a large bill for a medical evacuation.
Yep. Plus in the UK anyway, credit card cover will not cover you for ANY pre-existing medical issues, and that includes anything related to any medication you may be taking, anything that you have consulted a doctor about in the previous year, any medical investigations like scans etc. In short it's pretty useless for any kind of medical cover at all. And certainly wouldn't give us the £2 million cover we're advised to have! And it wouldn't cover anyone else travelling with you if you had to cancel for the afore mentioned reasons.

To be fair though I guess andysol was talking about purely domestic trips.


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Based on the events of this weekend, has the disruption and discombobulation convinced you that the next time you schedule a trip to WDW, you'll pay for trip insurance?

Answer in the poll, then tell us why (or why not) you feel that way...
depends on the time of year I go. If I go in September or October than yep, I purchase the trip insurance. I have been burned by a hurricane on a previous vacation. I figure with all the money I blow at disney on Junk, hey a couple hundred bucks for some peace of mind is well worth it.


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There is never a reason to buy trip insurance. Simply get a credit card that includes it.
Just as important is trip delay insurance. It saved me $2000 this past weekend
Here are the cards that offer it:
the problem with that is many (not all of them) of these cards have annual fees. Amex platinum is 400 bucks a year. more than any trip insurance.

The Ritz carlton card is $450 bucks a year. Seriously???
Citi/AA advantage. 100 annual.
all of these were more than my trip insurance for my trip to Paris.


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I only buy trip insurance if I leave the country or go on a cruise. Mostly because if I needed to have some kind of medical evacuation, the insurance would cover it. I am not really that concerned with getting my money back for the trip to WDW since I book room only and have an annual pass. I also fly SWA and if I need to cancel then I can either get my points back or get the fee back as a credit.
Last trip we got insurance through Disney. We are from Canada, and we were really glad we had insurance,
I got very sick at the park, and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. I had to have an emergency CT Scan, and was admitted to the hospital. Our bill for the hospital including all my tests was over $13,000.00 . We didn't have to pay any of the bill (thank goodness!) You never know when you will get sick.

Uncle Lupe

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Yes I get it for a big trip that took years of saving, planning and preparing. Just gives me peace of mind especially traveling during hurricane season and medical reasons. We seem to have bad luck so Murphys Law applies and do what I can to cover our potential losses.


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If we aren't renting DVC points, we take the risk and go without insurance, since most of the other costs of the trip are either refundable in whole or in part, or (e.g., tickets) can be used another time. Airfare is the exception, but we're typically traveling on rewards points.

If we're renting DVC points, which is entirely non-refundable, then we do get trip insurance to cover it.


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I'm in the "in depends on the trip" camp. I've never bought insurance, but most of my travel has been easily cancelable/changeable. (Room Only, Southwest flights, tickets we can use later, etc)

But our trip next year will involve a number of other people we've never traveled with, and we're most likely renting DVC points for the first time. The non-refundable nature of the DVC rental will push us to get insurance.

Also, if I were traveling internationally, especially on a cruise, we'd also definitely get the insurance.



Who opened Pandora's Box?
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Disney Cruise: Yes

Any other travel: No.

My health care through work covers me very well for anything medical for up to 30 days outside the country. Everything else is either something that can be cancelled or rescheduled at very minimal cost.

On a cruise, I get the insurance for emergency evacuation coverage.
We are also from out of country (Canada) so we will always get insurance when we travel to the US, but between my card and the travel medical insurance through our home/auto insurer, we are pretty much covered for anything so don't need Disney's insurance.


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No mater where we go I err on the side of caution and buy insurance but usually go through AAA for it. Their insurance is (in most cases) more comprehensive than many others.