Poll: best queue in Magic Kingdom

Which of these attractions has the best queue in Magic Kingdom?

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Diesel Dan

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They are all good in their own way, adds the magic to the ride. Most give you something to look at in line and build up what is ahead.


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I have been looking and thinking about this poll for a couple of days and I just cannot pick one. All the lines have something I like about it and some have personal dislikes but I just don’t have a favorite that I can pick from a list. I guess It really depends on my mood at the time.


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Peter Pan, Pirates and Little Mermaid. The detail in each is exceptional. I always want to go to areas in the little mermaid queue that are roped off since there's never a wait.


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Peter Pan's is awesome, only the line seems to get held up with the projection screen. To the point where we feel bad if we stop and play because by then the line is so far ahead.

"El Scorpion"

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In the Parks


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Wow- this was so difficult. I went with Pirates, but Mermaid and Splash are a close second. Buzz was dead last because it is filthy and needs a good scrubbing.

Great question! This made me realize something about MK I never had before- how much better their queues are then the other parks. Maybe that is why I hold it so dear in my heart.


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Pirates the queues and exit ramp are one part of the ride which is better than the original IMO


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I ended up choosing BTMRR for my favorite. I went in March of last year for the first time in over 10 years and after getting super interested in theme parks so I got to see the parks in a new lens, especially comparing the lines to the DLR counterparts since I mostly go there due to living in California. I'm 20 years old (just a baby to a lot of people here) and still had fun with the "play" elements where you crank the wheel for the old fashioned projector animation thing, doing the TNT blasts, it was all fun. I just used a lot of my hand sanitizer throughout the queue cause I can't / don't want to imagine how many germs are on those things. Haunted Mansion's queue was a little too cartoony to me for some reason I don't know how to explain it. It was cool and the pushing the stones in the wall and playing the instruments was a fun time killer but not as interesting to me personally.
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