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Ok, one of my friends really wants to do the CP in spring of 2007, but she's afraid that it will really take her off track; she's already on a 5 year plan for an aerospace engineer. Any suggestions on how to convince her mom that this would be a good opportunity? She is a strict asian mother, and they are VERY set in their ways, especially when it comes to their children's future. Please help!!


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I can tell you from experience that for my career, doing the CP program almost immediately helped me. I will always have the fact that I have Disney on my resume. My experience at Disney is what got me the career job I have now.

I did put all of my eggs in one basket and waited until my last semester to apply, but all of my roommates came during the middle of their career. All of us can say its a decision we would never regret. The time we spent together, the people we met, and memories are things I would never give up. Those 5 months were by far the best time of my life.


maybe try to see if there is another way to get her degree done in the same time period- for instance, i'm on a four year plan, but that's only going every fall and spring, and then taking the summers off- that's the normal way to do it. But what I found out is there's a program where you can do your last two years in 18 months, it just requires you to do one summer. It kinda sucks have to do a fall, spring, summer and fall semester right in a row, but i think one semester of summer school is worth a semester at disney! My parents like that idea because it won't affect my scholarship at all, and i will still be graduating at the same time as I normally would...


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While I was working there, one of the great things about doing the program is the unlimited opportunities to network. In reality it's who you know, then what you know. If she could network with some Imagineers, that could put her in a very good spot to have references to other companies. I'm sure many imagineers were once regular engineers who decieded to work for an amusement park. I'm guessing they didn't major in Disney Engineering, so I bet she could get a good foot in the door that way. She would probably have to take a semester off to do the regular program, then she could continue school and over the summers, alumni may return to do just summer programs. That's the way I would go if I were her. It's tough when parents are strict but if they could see how well you can network there, they would probably send her themselves. I'm also sure they used several aerospace engineers to build or model Mission: Space. Relay this message to them.
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