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Anyone think a Disney gondola system would be roughly the same cost per mile as the often touted monorail cost? Asking for a friend.

I've always wondered how expensive it was.

I've also been pretty sure it wasn't worth the cost compared to other forms of transit that don't have the operational issues that the Skyliner has -- sounds like that's confirmed!

If they aren't getting a significant cost savings from using it over other options, then it doesn't make any sense at all to build more instead of pivoting to something more efficient.


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Liftblog marveled at what WDW spent on it
Did anyone find out the actual cost of Skyliner? I have only seen stuff saying it was more expensive than some of the previous gondola record holders, which were in the $50 million total range.

I would be very surprised if a Doppelmayr D Line Gondola wasn't in the neighborhood of 1/3 the cost of monorail on average. But the capacity of a gondola is much lower, and the operational limitations in inclement weather reduce the upside of such a system, as the number of busses needed would remain similar.
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