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Please check out "OPEN TABLE"


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As the WDW Restaurant Reservation system continues to collapse? There are a LOAD of non WDW owned Restaurants listed on "Open Table".
1) MOST DS Restaurants.
2) Virtually everything at Swan-Dolphin. Shula's, Il Mullino, Blue Zoo...
3) Did you know that you could book Bull&Bear? Lacking V&A - a good choice.

Better Restaurants with better booking. We have FOUR for our NOV trip. And no "someone ate the page" :). Just a suggestion, use this if it fits you :). Or do not...


Chicken Guy

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I used Opentable for dining halls in college during COVID procedures. It's a quality service, and I hope more dining establishments in the future start using it so that it boasts a greater sample of local eateries. I gave Lake Buena Vista a look on the app... I can second that many of the major restaurants in DS are present, along with many other places around Orlando.


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I saw that Toledo in the Gran Destino Tower is taking reservations on MDE (for 10/21) but not on OpenTable, even though it had in the past. Does anyone know why?

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