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Hello All,

I had contributed to these forums for many years but slowed down in the last few years due to my DW’s illness.

My DW passed recently, and I have been in a state of severe depression. My family have advised me to “find something to occupy my time, and to get away for a while.” My DW knew me very well and before her passing instructed me to plan a vacation to WDW.

After much thought I realized she was right, and I am planning a week-long trip with our DS in the fall. This will keep me busy for a while and will give us both something to look forward to.

I know it will be bittersweet at times as so many things will remind me of her, but hopefully it will also be therapeutic, sort of a letting go.

All of that said, and after much thought, I have decided to stay in the Magic Kingdom resort area, these were always our favorite resorts. I am looking at menus and we are planning dinning, some old favorites, and some new restaurants.

I have not been to WDW for a while, so I may ask what will seem like stupid questions (e.g., “what time is the three o’clock parade?”), so please, bear with me.

Let me add that I went looking for The Unofficial Guide to WDW 2024 in my local bookstores but did not find a copy, I assume they still publish it?

All of that said here goes,


What time are the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, I know that some nights they were at 7:30 and other nights at 9. Is there a set schedule?

What is the name and time of the laser/firework show in EPCOT? Hopefully they do still have one.


What toiletries are in the deluxe resorts? I remember “Everyone neat and spiffy” and then H²O.


Has anyone eaten at the following recently and what do you think



Steakhouse 71 I remember being underwhelmed by “The Wave.”

I am sure I will have many more questions as I progress so let me say thank you everyone in advance.



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Please accept my condolences in the loss of your beloved wife. I hope you feel her presence while you and your son are on your vacation.

The unofficial guide is still published. You can find it on Amazon and Touring Plans.

MK fireworks change times when daylight extends into evening. Typically in the winter months fireworks are at 8 pm. Earlier this month the time was 8:45 and moves to 9 pm at the end of this month. By summer the time will change to 9:20 pm. For your fall trip, plan on 9 pm. Exact times can be found on Disney’s site.

Luminous is the new show at Epcot (9 pm every night) and IMO is fabulous and worth seeing.

Fantasmic at DHS has been updated and also worth seeing IMO. Sometimes there is one show per night sometimes two.

Toiletries are now in refillable bottles except hand soap (and lotion if you stay moderate or deluxe). H20 went out of business so the bottles are marked as Disney branded but the scents are the same.


I have eaten dinner at ‘Ohana twice in the last year and the food/service was very good.

Ate at Narcoossee’s in February and food/service was so poor I vowed never again.

I enjoy Steakhouse 71 more for lunch than dinner. Different options, less expensive, food yummy.

Hope this helps!
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Prayers to you and your DS. Hope you can journey through your time of grieving and mourning. WDW hopefully will allow you to take some steps back for you both to find healing from the loss.
Just to add to the answer to one of your questions, Steakhouse 71 is a definite step up from the Wave. We’ve had several dinner services there and we’re pleased with the service and quality of different meals. Check out the menu site to see what your menu options will be.
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I'm very sorry to hear about your wife. I hope WDW helps you heal. My first trip after my mother died was very hard and I had only gone there once with her when I was a little girl but I had other Disney memories with her from movies and songs. I had a very ugly cry when I heard a couple of the songs that she used to sing to me when I was young. It was a harder trip than I expected but it made me remember some good memories I had forgotten so it was still totally worth it. The last time I was at WDW was in December 2021 and we had dinner at 'Ohana, with the changed menu. I didn't like it as much as the former menu items but my husband and I still thought it was very good. I've seen a lot of negative reviews and I think a lot of it has to do with time of year and time of day. I always like to get a really early reservation around 3:30 so that our server is more attentive and the food is more fresh. Never had a complaint when I've gone at that time.
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My condolences to you and your son. Tuvalu and others answered your questions so I’ve nothing to add to that but wanted to wish you both a beautiful trip of celebrating your wife and remembering all the wonderful family memories you've made. She will certainly be with you in spirit. ❤️
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